by UltraCane

UltraCane Handle

Build confidence from using a cane! The latest UltraCane provide more independence allowing you the freedom to visit new places independently.

  • Uses ultrasonic wave to make navigation easier (similar to echo-location)
  • Provides more knowledge about the surroundings
  • Enables user to make quicker decisions
  • Offers short and long range modes
  • Multiple cane tip options available

The UltraCane gives users more knowledge about their environment and enables them to make decisions quickly providing greater confidence and efficiency!

Built around the concept of echo-location, the UltraCane emits ultrasonic waves through two transducers in the handle of the cane. The ultrasonic waves bounce off objects and obstructions in the path and the user receives feedback on the proximity of those obstacles through two vibrating buttons located on the handle. The cane not only provides information about the distance of the objects but also whether the object is on the ground or above the users head so users can have warning for potential head hazards saving them from painful injuries.

UltraCane   $1,399.00


UltraCane - Available Lengths

Two sensors for multi-directions
Two feedback buttons
Replaceable cane tip
Three mode On/Off switch (On short range, On long range, Off)

Available sizes
43.3" – 59.1" in 2 inch increments



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