CloverBook Pro from SightCare

The magnifier everyone is talking about!

A large 12.5″ touchscreen video magnifer with distance view and OCR. Need more screen space?
Add an additional screen to see even more!



IRIE Braille Buddy

A personal braille embosser for the everyday user!

Use tractor-fed paper for long jobs or cut-sheet paper for embossing cards or labels. There are so many ways to use use the Braille Buddy. Watch the video to find out more!



Clover 6 from SightCare

A sleek and stylish handheld magnifier with all of the features you are looking for!

This 6″ touchscreen video magnifier comes equipped with folding handle that doubles as a reading stand, touchscreen commands and tactile buttons for controling the device, near and distance view modes and so much more!



Featured Products

CloverBook PLUS -Enjoy Hobbies again!

If you are living with low vision and are looking for ways to enjoy hobbies like playing cards, doing puzzles, painting or sewing, check out the CloverBook Plus! It can help you with all of these and more!

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SuperNova Magnification Software

Access your computer like never before! Choose between screen magnification, speech, full braille access or combine them all in a single powerful solution. Access a full range of print or video training videos to help get you started. 


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Clover 6 Handheld Magnifier

The Clover 6HD offers a large viewing area, while the compact, lightweight design gives you the best features in one ultra-portable package. And when you’re at home, connect the Clover 6 HD to a TV or monitor through HDMI to use it like a desktop video magnifier! 

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We pride ourselves in finding the best assistive techonlogy solutions from around the world and combine that with top-notch training and support here in the US to make sure you are setup for success!

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Great product, training, support and sales experience from IrieAT!

I was in desperate need for an alternative to hand-Brailing  information for my institution’s needs.  Naturally, I was highly skeptical of the options available for embossing Braille and tactile graphics, due to the price of such hardware.  I ended up taking a recommendation from a colleague on IrieAT’s BrailleSheet 120 and think my colleague under-sold what I would be getting.
First off, when I made a sales inquiry with IrieAT, I received a very detailed reply back the same day from someone who seemed genuinely interested in my specific needs.  I even received a lot of great tips on how to structure my material for optimal experience from low-/no-vision users who read Braille. More…..
IT Accessibility Coordinator - North Idaho College

I have recently become visually impaired. As you are aware the process of finding the right technology to try and maintain a similar lifestyle is daunting with few companies and firms that have my best interest in mind vs. their own bottom line.