Braille and Tactile Graphics

Index Braille embossers

Braille Embossers

Irie-AT is proud to carry the Index line of braille embossers. As the best selling embossers in the US, and the world, Index provides the best value with unparalleled performance. Learn more about Index embossers by selecting the one that fits your needs best.


Braille Notetakers

Neo Access and Irie present NeoBraille; the latest in notetaker technology. Built with the highest quality components, NeoBraille has unsurpassed performance. Running Android Lollipop, NeoBraille provides WiFi everywhere with an AT&T data plan. Read on to learn why NeoBraille is the most impressive notetaker on the market.

TactileView Design Suite

Tactile Graphics

TactileView is the number one tactile graphics software and hardware around. With TactileView you can easily create high quality tactile graphics that can be used over and over again. If you need to make tactile graphics, you simply need TactileView.