I lost my vision 5-ish years ago, and was in process of getting my Bachelors’ finished and continuing my Masters’ program of study to be an educator (Secondary Math & Science Teacher).

I ‘retired’ from IS/IT as a Systems’ Analyst because it was difficult for me to keep up with the fast-paced industry and— well— go blind.

I’ve worked on everything from InterData’s pdp-11 for Phillip-Morris  to learning VMWare’s VSphere … ‘varriations’ and Hyper-V , and just all-a-round Circuit-Monkeying.  I learned my way around a unix box at 15 and was on IRC / EMail back wheN VAX/VMS Clusters were the fashion.

I— am only 45 now, which goes to show you that not only did I get an early start, I had (have?) a pension for the work, the industry, and would gnaw my arm off at the elbow if I didn’t need it to type to stay working in the field…

…I digress…

IT/AT as you well know is expensive, and isn’t necessarily ‘accessible’—  Having been sighted and learning my ‘puters with eyes, I found it incredibly frustrating to try and even use a screen-reader to do anything. I thought I would have to say goodbye to my industry, my  electronic companions, and all my nerd, geek, tech, buddies. I almost have none left as it is, but getting back to work has been ridiculously difficult when I can’t function as I once did.

Ken’s ability to walk & talk me thru a partial tear-down and inspection of this Index Basic S (was told it was D ) and get familiar with it enough to potentially ‘fix’ it myself, and determine it’s actual hammer-count, and put it back together, and have ready answers to questions that a veteran IT Solder-Munkie like me would ask actually makes me want to leap for the rafters— but again— i digress…

Absolutely the most direct, upfront, courageous, and knowledgeable support contact i’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and getting support from in a very long time!

I’m a bit ‘salty’ and can be blunt, and don’t like being ‘handled’.  I received NONE of that & have to let y ou (Thomas) and Sales, and Ken know just what it meant/means to me to have had the pleasure to make your support and just how amazingly elated I am after our conversation. I am not often given to propping-up support organizations because I find most unworthy— particularly when you have been around as many blocks as many times as have i—  That said, Thank you again, and great job guys.  Consider me your “East-not-nearly-near-enough-coast” ambassador/rep/extension office.  I have a ‘support-plan’ discussed with Mr. Ken and look forward to our future business.

It’s a CRYING SHAME Oregon & Louisville Kentucky are soo far apart.  I’d be sending a  resume attached to this ‘testimonial’ if it were appropriate!

Respectfully & sincerely,
I.C. Bray