I wish to say a few words about Ken Taylor, your support/technician.

I have an Index Basic D v3 embosser that has served me well for nearly 14 years. When it failed, I was pleased to discover Irie-AT, primarily because of its West Coast location. My experience with Ken convinced me of the overall excellence of the company.

I shipped the embosser to you for repair and cleaning. The job was completed in a timely manner. Ken kindly walked me through re-installing it on my system and made sure all was working well. It now produces crisp braille and responds to my commands without hesitation.

Ken was the epitome of expertise, patience, creativity, kindness, and written and verbal communication skills. He made me feel I was the most important of his clients, and I knew he would persevere until the problems with the embosser were resolved.

Ken is a gem, and Irie-AT is now my “go-to” destination for embosser-related matters. I look forward to informing agencies in the greater Seattle area about Irie-AT. I know several that use Index embossers and Duxbury software. I think they will be pleased to know of a service such as yours just a few hours down the road.

Thank you,
Carolyn Meyer
(Carolyn’s Braille Services)
Edmonds, Washington