I wanted to compliment a couple of your employees on great customer service that I received in the last couple of days.

I work for Austin Independent School District as a Braillist, and we recently purchased the Index Basic V5 for production of braille to K-12 students. Yesterday, I needed some assistance in setting up the software as well as altering my Tactileview settings. I spoke with Ben on several occasions (in one day). He was very patient and never complained or even gave off the impression that I was bothering him after calling in so many times. During one of the calls, he informed me that he was new to the company. If he had not have told me that, I would never have known. He helped me understand how to navigate through the menus on my embosser and set up everything so that I could get back to my job quickly without getting behind on my work. Great personality!!!

Today, I had a quick question and called in again. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cody, and he solved my issue within a minute. He was very knowledgeable and helpful as well.

I cannot express how much I appreciate the great customer service that you provide. Your knowledgeable employees make me look good as well because I am able to get new equipment set up quickly and return to my job without missing a beat.

Love the embosser, by the way! Much better than my previous one.

You guys have a great day and thanks again for all your help!

Christine Saenz