SuperNova Magnifier

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Only $395
No matter what your eye condition, SuperNova Magnifier makes everything crystal clear and easy to read. Enlarge text and images to just the size you need. Enhance contrast with a color scheme and highlights that perfectly suit you.

SuperNova Magnifier and Speech

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Magnifier and Speech

Only $595
If your eyes tire easily or your sight flags as the day goes on, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech can take the strain for you. Switch on SuperNova’s speech, sit back and give your eyes a rest.

SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader

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Magnifier and Screen Reader

Only $1,195
SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is the preferred solution for organizations looking to deliver access for the full range of visual impairments from mild sight loss, through to blindness.


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SuperNova Subscriptions

Do you have assistive technology collecting dust because your students have moved on or out of your district? New monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions are available for SuperNova to eliminate abandoned technology and help you optimize your technology budget–price per student as low as $9 per month!