Irie-AT Loan Agreement Form

  • This agreement between (hereinafter referred to as the "Borrower") and IRIE-AT Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") defines the conditions under which the Company agrees to loan to the Borrower the device(s) listed below, (hereinafter referred to as the "Equipment") to be used for demonstration and/or testing.

    The Borrower agrees to exercise normal care to keep the Equipment in good condition but is not responsible for repair in case of malfunction due to design or manufacturing defects. The Borrower agrees to retain all original shipping materials and contents to repack the Equipment and return to the Company immediately at the end of the loan term defined in this document. The Borrow assumes all liability for return of the Equipment to the Company (shipping insurance is recommended). The Borrower is responsible for return shipping charges. The Equipment is being loaned to the Borrower at no charge, however, if the Equipment is not returned on time the Company will send the Borrower an invoice for purchase of the Equipment at the retail price in effect at the time the Equipment was sent to the Borrower The Borrower agrees either to pay this invoice or to return the Equipment within 15 day from receipt of the invoice.

    After submission of this form, IRIE-AT, Inc. will evaluate the information provided and determine if a loaner unit will be provided.
  • Product Loan Request Form

    Please complete the form to provide information about the product(s) you are requesting to try. Also note that the loan duration is a maximum of 14 days as we have many organizations requesting to equipment.
  • Please type the name of the product you are requesting. Use the + button to add another product.
  • All loaner units need to have a short online demonstration scheduled in advance. Please let 3 potential dates/times you are available for the online demonstration.
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