Low Vision Tablets

Synapptic mag and read 10 inch tablet

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10-inch Mag&Read Tablet

Only $995
This 10″ Android Tablet comes with a high contrast touchscreen and Synapptic software included. A big screen size, combined with a high-quality camera, makes this tablet ideal for low vision users. It’s thin and light and can be easily held with one hand. An enhanced digital video magnifier can magnify up to x20 and the 8 mega-pixel camera gives high quality and accuracy for photos, and reading machine features.

Synapptic mag and read 7 inch tablet

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7-inch Mag&Read Tablet

Only $845
Our super-compact 7″ Android Tablet with a high contrast touchscreen and Synapptic software included. A really compact tablet that’s easy to hold and includes an enhanced digital video magnifier feature which can magnify up to x10. The 5 mega-pixel camera offers basic use of the Synapptic magnification and reading machine features.

synapptic lite phone software

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Synapptic Software

Only $399
Synapptic takes over your smart device to make everything operate through easy-to-see, high-contrast, speaking menus (size and contrast color of your choice). The menus are simple to understand and use. If that’s still too confusing, you can even control your smart device simply by talking to it and telling it what to do. Whatever you want to do on a smart device, Synapptic makes it easy and accessible.