Handheld Video Magnifiers

Looky 10 handheld video magnifier

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Looky 10 HD

Only $1,299
The Looky 10 is the largest-screen handheld device on the market, and for a price lower than many 7-inch models. Looky 10 has a large enough screen to replace most uses of a desktop magnifier, for a much lower cost and in a very compact size.

Eschenbach visolux 7 inch magnifier

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Eschenbach Visolux 7″

Only $995
The Visolux 7 HD combines modern technology with intuitive operation and provides the ultimate reading comfort. This advanced video magnifier features an extra-large 7” LCD screen with anti-glare coating, an HD camera, built-in stand, and many other features, all at a competitive price!

Looky 5 HD handheld magnifier

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Looky 5 HD

Only $699
The Looky 5 incorporates a bright, vibrant and intuitive touch screen producing superb crystal clear images and exceptional brightness utilizing the touch interface on the 5″ screen.

Looky 4 plus handheld video magnifier

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Looky 4+ HD

Only $599
Ideal for a wide range of users, the Looky 4+ is highly intuitive and easy to use with the touch interface and the vibrant touch screen.

M5 magnifier

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On Sale, $499
The Zoomax M5’s 2HD design gives you a crystal clear image at any magnification, up close or far away. The unique touchscreen plus tactile button interface makes it easy to magnify, adjust settings, capture and save images and more wherever you are!

Looky 4 handheld video magnifier

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Looky 4 HD

Only $499
The Looky 4 makes excellent magnification and image quality affordable. With up to 2.5 hours of continuous and a beautiful image, the Looky 4 is worth the look.

Looky handheld magnifier

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Looky +

Only $249
The Looky+ will allow you to read text and look at photos and comes with a magnification range of 2 times up to 20 times. The Looky+ also allows the user to read in different color modes and also incorporates a superior contrast ratio.

Lilly 3.5`` HD handheld video magnifier

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Lilly 3.5" HD

Only $199
The Lilly 3.5″ HD is a great choice when you want magnification and contrast in a small, portable magnifier at a great value!


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explorē 8

Only $1,099
The explorē 8, a touchscreen HD handheld magnifier for active people who prefer a large screen but still want maximum portability. It is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most 7-inch magnifiers on the market while providing a screen more than 30% larger, designed to make life easier—and a whole lot clearer.


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explorē 5

Only $749
With simple navigation and an ergonomic design, the explorē 5 is perfect for active people looking for a portable, easy-to-use video magnifier to take everywhere. From magnifying restaurant menus to the fine print on documents, packaging and more, the explorē 5 makes life easier for anyone with visual impairment.