Great product, training, support and sales experience from IrieAT!
I was in desperate need for an alternative to hand-Brailing  information for my institution’s needs.  Naturally, I was highly skeptical of the options available for embossing Braille and tactile graphics, due to the price of such hardware.  I ended up taking a recommendation from a colleague on IrieAT’s BrailleSheet 120 and think my colleague under-sold what I would be getting.
First off, when I made a sales inquiry with IrieAT, I received a very detailed reply back the same day from someone who seemed genuinely interested in my specific needs.  I even received a lot of great tips on how to structure my material for optimal experience from low-/no-vision users who read Braille.
After purchasing the BrailleSheet 120, I immediately tapped into IrieAT Support, having an issue that I didn’t understand.  That issue was quickly laid to rest in a very detailed and hands-on approach that I did not expect, but was very grateful to have.
Next, when I requested training on the device and software, I realized there were a lot more opportunities with the BrailleSheet 120 than I had originally planned for.  Shortly after the personalized training, I began working on some event materials, and was very pleased that double-sided Brailing went just as fast as printing the materials in the first place.
Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with IrieAT and the BrailleSheet 120.  It’s been a game changer for the work I do as an IT Accessibility Coordinator.