Optical Magnifiers

Eschenbach LED Handheld Optical Magnifiers

Eschenbach LED Handheld Magnifiers

We are proud to present Eschenbach handheld optical LED magnifiers. These magnifiers are the highest quality and are great for use anywhere life takes you.

LED Handheld Magnifiers

SmartMag LED Handheld Magnifiers

Our handheld optical LED magnifiers are great for use around the house, out shopping, and more. Keep reading to find the perfect magnifier for you.

LED Stand Magnifiers

LED Stand Magnifiers

Our stand magnifiers couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place the magnifier on the page and it will be at the perfect distance from the page for easy magnification.

LED Pocket Slide Magnifier

LED Pocket Slide Magnifiers

These magnifiers are great on the go. Fitting comfortably in your pocket, these little magnifiers offer great magnification and come with LED lighting for a wide range of use.

Non-illuminated optical magnifier

Non-Illuminated Magnifiers

If you want a magnifier for quick use, these are the ones for you. Simply grab and read your favorite magazine or read a letter from friends and family.

Clear handled optical magnifier

Clear Plastic Handled Magnifiers

These magnifiers are lightweight and inexpensive. Perfect for use around the house to get a magnified view of whatever you desire.

Dome magnifier

Hands-Free Magnifiers

Need a magnifier but have your hands busy? Check out our hands free magnifiers that have the incredible convenience and ease of use.

Telescoping spectacles

TV Spectacles

Look across the room at your television or guests with our telescoping glasses. Simply put them on and adjust the focus!

Telescoping Glasses

Telescopic Spectacles

Adjust magnification and focus for each eye independently with these great telescopic glasses.

Spectacle Clip On Lights

Spectacle Clip-on Reading Light

Add light to your glasses! Simply clip on these lights to read in the dark or a dimly lit room. They are easy to add to any pair of glasses.

Telescoping Optical Magnifiers

Monocular Telescopes

If you want to inspect something, then look no further. Our monocular telescopes are intuitive and provide a great range of magnification.