Advanced Math & Science Package



Package Includes:

  • Index Everest-D V5
  • TactileView Design Software
  • TactiPad Drawing Tablet
  • Audio Reading System
  • Drawing Accessories & Paper
  • MathType Software
  • Duxbury Braille Translation Software
  • 1-Year Extended Warranty
  • Online Step-by-Step Instructional Materials
  • Phone, email and online support
  • A $377.50 savings

Creating tactile graphics for math and science is now easy and affordable! This all-inclusive system is designed with flexible tools for teaching math and science to braille-reading students of all ages!

For Educators

Create tactile graphics quickly and easily
• Draw tactile graphics using a tactile drawing pad, digital pen or mouse
• Convert bitmap and scanned images into line drawings quickly
• Add Nemeth braille math labels to your tactile diagrams—uses MathType equation editor
• Add audio labels to tactile graphics for greater interactivity

Make braille/tactile graphs
• Enter equations to automatically create tactile graphs – with braille!
• Graph multiple equations on the same graph
• Emboss premade graph paper – change dimensions and axis with ease

For Students

Draw your own diagrams using the Tactipad and comprehensive drawing tools
• Begin to draw and a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly!
• Use the grid frame to draw your own graphs – complete math assignments and tests more easily

Create braille/tactile graphs instantly
• Navigate tactile graph with audio feedback
• Find specific points, mark points of intersection and more

This is the first all-inclusive package designed with complimentary tools for students and educators to work together more effi ciently saving valuable prep time and providing a richer educational experience.

Everest-D V5 Specs

  • 120 characters/second – fastest cut-sheet embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided Braille – the industry standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics – up to 50 dpi
  • Built in Wi-Fi for embossing with smartphones and tablets
  • USB port for embossing from a USB-drive, backing up or updating
  • Control panel with braille labels, speech feedback and backlit text & keys
  • Cut-sheet/individual-sheet paper – for the widest selection of media!
  • Built in Bluetooth for external speakers in noisy environments
  • Updated firmware with recovery mode and Acapela multilingual speech
  • User defined paper sizes for custom documents

The INDEX Everest-D offers the widest variety of media possible. Utilizing a unique individual sheet feeder, users can emboss braille paper documents as well as use mainstream media to create braille labels, double-sided braille business cards and more! Even use 11×17 paper to make foldable braille book, automatically. Plus, the new Everest-D Version 5 (V5) includes modern connectivity options like wireless embossing, USB embossing and even on-board braille translation to automatically convert .doc, .txt and .pdf files to braille.

The Everest-D V5 is a modular design, so our US service center can repair quickly – usually within one working day – and can even remote into your embosser (with permission) to diagnose and repair most potential issues without the embosser ever leaving your desk. You never have to pay more for good, fast service for INDEX embossers.


Download the latest V5 User Manual