b.note 64 & 80 Cell Braille Displays

Refreshable braille display with note-taking features

The new b.note braille display is the result of more than 40 years of design and technological innovation for the visually impaired. Combining the functions of a braille display with internal note-taking features; b.note is the next generation of refreshable braille displays.


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Refreshable braille display with note-taking features

  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity: Even transfer files via Bluetooth
  • Screen reader compatibility: Works with all major screen readers and operating systems
  • Curser routing keys+: Keys permit curser routing and forward/backward movement without the need to move your hands
  • Modern design and ergonomics: Increased comfort, robustness and ease-of-use
  • Customizable control keys: User-configurable control keys (left or right-handed)
  • File Compatibility: Open/edit/save files: .odt, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .brf, .txt, epub on device



  • esysuite access: get the same functions as a full braille note-taker for much-reduced cost, connecting b.note to your PC with the esysuite software
  • Soft-touch Perkins keyboard: Keys press easily and comfortably
  • Built-in speakers and earphones: For comfort and privacy
  • Quality Design & Manufacturing: Made in France by eurobraille (40 year history)
  • 2-year warranty: Parts and labor included


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You can use b.note like a standard braille display; connecting with a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth to your computer, phone or other device. You can also transfer files through the dedicated USB connection.

b.note also adds a unique feature: You can transfer files wirelessly, through the Bluetooth connection (PC/Android only, for now).


Use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Any major screen reader will work, including: JAWS, NVDA, SuperNova, VoiceOver, TalkBack, BrailleBack and more.

Less hand movement required

The unique routing keys on b.note have 2 functions. One is to route the curser to that location in the text, like standard curser routing keys. But with b.note, you can also use the curser routing keys to move you forwards or backwards; eliminating the need to move your hands to press the forward/backward buttons. Just press lightly on the curser key for character 1 and you move backwards; the remaining curser keys all move you forward. Press strong to make the standard curser routing command. Keep your hands in place and save your wrists.

Modern Design

European precision-designed housing and keys make b.note ergonomic and robust. The keys feel solid and press easily. b.note even includes a rubber “bumper” that is integrated into the device housing, to help you better grip it and protect against drops.


It doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed, your b.note can adapt. A simple change in the b.note settings will permit you to swap the functions of the control keys to the opposite side.

EsySuite Software Package

Want to bring the full power of a braille notetaker to your b.note, for a far lower cost? esysuite; the powerful suite of apps that is the core of the eurobraille braille notetaker,, is also available as a standalone application for Windows. Use your b.note with esysuite to create and edit documents, import documents, use dictionaries and encyclopedias, scan/OCR and translate to text. esysuite boasts powerful features for creating, editing and scanning math, as well as translating back and forth between braille math and print math. There are even features within esysuite for creating and editing braille music.


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Unique Features
  • Hands never need to leave the braille display
    • Dual function routing keys
    • Inputs for special keyboard characters on the braille keyboard
    • HID emulation
  • Unique menu navigation
    • The dual function routing keys allow you to navigate all of the b.note’s and esysuite’s menus using the braille display’s routing keys
    • Tap lightly to scroll the display forward relative to how far to the right you press
    • Tap slightly harder above any menu option to double click and select it
    • “Yes”, “No”, and “Cancel” dialogues can be completed with the routing keys making it so you don’t need to Tab through the options
    • Can also be navigated in a more traditional style using the arrow keys and Enter
  • Refined Perkins keyboard
    • Pinky keys are instead used for special character inputs instead of Backspace and Enter
    • Backspace is input with the left thumb key Space with the right thumb key and Enter by pressing both simultaneously
    • Inputs can be changed to match other displays if this style is not preferred
  • Customizable inputs
    • Swap the arrow keys for left or right handed usage
    • Can change the functions of the routing keys
    • Can customize the Perkins style keyboard
  • esysuite upgradeability
    • Allows the ability to use the b.note as a full featured notetaker when connected to any Windows PC
    • Upgrade is per b.note device allowing esysuite to be used on any Windows PC you connect to
    • b.suite coming soon to allow for even better functionality on Windows PCs
  • Has a standalone mode to use as a notetaker
    • The built in text editor has math functions using a UEB math table
    • Comes with games preinstalled including a braille learning game
    • Has Wi-Fi
    • Automatic updates that come with more features and applications
    • Bluetooth file transfer
  • 4 Different “Unimanual” keyboard modes for one handed usage of the braille keyboard
  • USB Type-A port for expandable storage
  • Two digital COM ports
    • Allows for two applications to use the b.note and automatically switch in-between them
Internal Functions of b.note
  • Transfer files through Bluetooth, USB cable or USB drive
  • Open/Edit/Save Files: .odt, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .brf, .txt, epub.
  • Edit with cut / copy / paste; undo / redo functions
  • Read documents aloud with voice synthesis
  • Choose between 6-dot, 8-dot or contracted braille
  • Scroll through bookmarks automatically
  • Access web radio, podcasts and MP3 player
  • Enjoy Minesweeper and mastermind games
Use b.note at school

Braille displays for school need to be robust and powerful. For this, there is no match for b.note. The b.note braille display is precision-designed in Europe to be light and comfortable to use for long periods of time, and robust enough to keep up with the school environment. b.note boasts powerful internal notetaking features, as well as modern connectivity. And if you really want power, use b.note with the esysuite software on your PC and turn your b.note into a full braille notetaker; complete with braille math and even music creation, editing and translation between print and braille.

Use b.note at work

Boasting 64 or 80 braille cells, the b.note braille displays are ideal for professional work environments that require a lot of reading. The design and special features of b.note will help keep you working comfortably long enough to run through an entire workday. The precision-designed housing and keys on b.note feel good and keys press easily and solidly. Plus, hand movement is significantly reduced, thanks to unique curser routing keys that double as backward/forward buttons.

Use b.note at home

Like to make music? Or maybe you’re a tech geek. Either way, you’ll have fun with b.note at home. b.note offers unique functions (with esysuite software) to import and compose your own musical scores. And you can display music as standard print, braille or both.
Either way, connect away with b.note! You can connect b.note to 5 Bluetooth devices and quickly switch between them. You can even transfer files through Bluetooth.

About the Manufacturer - eurobraille

As a leading brand in the braille industry for the last 30 years, eurobraille provides a wide range of assistive technology products and services for blind and visually impaired people; for study, work and daily life.

Founded in 1980 by French multi-patents holder and the inventor Ioan Montane from Politehnica University of Bucharest, the company was first named MIW. The company was dedicated to innovating electronic systems and components development. In 1987, the company began research, development and manufacturing of products for the blind and visual-impaired people. The fast-moving success of this new business led Ioan Montane to create a new independent company in France for this specific market : eurobraille sa.

In 1988, eurobraille launched its first product dedicated to the blind community, Mistel. This development features a screen reader with speech synthesis and a braille keyboard. Then a 20-cell braille display, BrailTel, was launched the following year.

In the 90’s, a spectrum of braille products was developed and offered a wide range of portable and workstation devices such as Junio-noteBraille or Clio-pupiBraille. In 1997, eurobraille developed a range of products dedicated to the Education environment: a software that turns math braille into math formula, readMath, and a braille display that features a word processing program, a spreadsheet and a calculator that can be connected to a laptop, Clio-azerBraille 4.

At the beginning of the millennium, eurobraille continued to develop high-quality and innovative braille displays, note-takers and software for blind people, such as ScribaIris & esys ranges.

In 2011, the company introduced esytime, an integrated braille notetaker and display working with an evolutive Windows 7 platform. This device is compatible with all screen reader software, which allows access to the Internet and comes with software dedicated to Education named esysuite, which includes a translation mode for math, music and contracted braille (grade 2).

Located at Maisons-Alfort, at the gateway of Paris, the eurobraille manufacturing workshop is formed by a team of technical experts and developers who design and manufacture braille displays, note-takers and software. The sales team is composed of technical sales reps and trainers who work with the individuals, companies, schools or ministries.

Sales, service and support for eurobraille products is available in North America through Irie-AT Braille & Low Vision, as well as Irie-AT distributors throughout the region. Contact Irie-AT to find a reseller in your area.

In 2021, eurobraille entered a new era with the brand new refreshable braille display b.note.

This new range – available in 20 or 40 cells and in light version – is set to revolutionize the braille display market with its new features: docx, odt and pdf files transfer to Android and WIN devices and vice versa, audible speech synthesis with headphones, or curser routing keys allowing the user to move forward or backward on the display.

In 2022, eurobraille introduced the innovative new 32-cell braille notetaker. Utilizing the powerful internal software, esysuite, has incredible power. Besides being a powerful braille notetaker, b.bookis also a full Windows computer.

Other innovative projects will emerge in the future and will further strengthen eurobraille’s key role in the visual-impairment assistive products market.

  • 64 or 80 braille cells / 8 dots per cell
  • 64 or 80 routing cursors
  • 10 keys braille keyboard
  • 2 control keypads of 4 buttons

  • Processors: STM32L1 / ARM Cortex-A53, quad core, 1.4GHz
  • RAM: 512MB LPDDR2 (900MHz)
  • SD Card: 64GB
  • Wifi: 2.4GHz 802.11ac dual band
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 LS BLE – Connect up to 5 devices
  • Audio out jack: 3,5mm
  • Battery: 3.7V 6000mAh (22.2 W)

    • Fast charge with external power supply adaptor USB C (protocol PD Universal 2.0)
 Charge at 30% in 25 min., 80% in 1h30
    • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Dimensions:
      • 64 cell: 21.6 x 4.13 x 0.71 inches
      • 80 cell: 25.79 x 4.13 x 0.71 inches
  • Weight:
      • 64 cell: 3.75 lbs
      • 80 cell: 4.4 lbs

What’s in the Box:

  • b.note braille display
  • protective carrying case
  • USB-C fast-charge power cord
  • USB-A to USB-C cord
Warranty Coverage

Warranty Period

The b.note has a two year parts and labor warranty.

Standard Repair Policy

Irie-AT strives to provide our customers with the best product support and after-purchase care. In the event that your product is defective or you require service, please consult your warranty paperwork to determine the eligibility for service.

What is the repair policy?

If the product failure occurs during the warranty period:

  • Parts and labor will be covered, unless the damage falls outside of the standard warranty coverage. If the damage falls outside of the warranty coverage please see details below.

If the product failure occurs outside the warranty period:

  • All non-warranty repairs will be charged at standard shop rates.
  • An Irie-AT Service Technician will inspect the unit and generate a repair quote to provide an estimate of potential charges before proceeding. Once the user authorizes the charges, the Irie-AT Service Technician will proceed with the repair. Upon completion of the repair an invoice will be created and payment will be required before the unit is returned.

Shipping is not included unless specifically indicated be an authorized Irie-AT representative.

Irie-AT is not responsible for any damage that occurs during inbound transport. Should damage occur, Irie-AT will contact the customer immediately so that a shipping claim can be filed if necessary. If damage occurs during outbound shipping please take pictures of the damage and contact Irie-AT immediately resolve the issue.

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