Braille Box V5



  • 300 characters/second – fastest production embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided Braille – the industry standard
  • Acoustic cabinet built it – sound canceling comes standard

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The INDEX Braille Box offers the widest variety of any production embosser. Utilizing a unique individual sheet feeder, users can emboss braille paper documents as well as use mainstream media to create braille labels, double-sided braille business cards and more! Even use 11×17 paper to make foldable braille book, automatically. Plus, the new Braille Box Version 5 (V5) includes modern connectivity options like wireless embossing, USB embossing and even on-board braille translation to automatically convert .doc, .txt and .pdf files to braille. It even comes in a sound-absorbing cabinet to automatically reduce noise to a pleasant level.

Installation and onsite repair options are available through our US service center. However, Braille Box V5 does not require it. The machine arrives in one box and can be plugged in and running within minutes. Our service people can even remote into your embosser (with permission) to diagnose and repair most potential issues without the embosser ever leaving your desk. You never have to pay more for good, fast service for INDEX embossers.

Put away the swell paper machines and specialty tactile graphics tools. The Braille Box V5 now embosses high-resolution tactile graphics without compromising the quality and feel of the braille dot itself. Ask for a sample. You’ll be amazed at the quality of the tactile graphics that can come from a machine that also embosses perfect braille dots.

Additional information


22" x 28" x 35"


143.4 lbs


60 dB(A)

Paper type

Cut Sheet

Paper weight

120 – 180 gsm

Paper support

A3, 11.5" x 11", 11" x 17"

Paper tray volume

Up to 400 sheets

Embossing speed

300 CPS

Braille cell

6 or 8 dot

Max character per line

48, depending on paper size

Tactile graphic resolution

Up to 50 DPI

User interface

Multilingual speech feedback


LED back lit keys labeled in in and braille


USB 2.0 standard


100 MB standard TCP/IP

Serial interface

9-pin female

Headphone plug

Standard 3.5 mm


Supports standard WiFi and Bluetooth

Web interface

Embedded for embosser status, monitoring, setup, and service


59 – 104 F


10 – 90% non-condensing


100 – 240 VAC

Power max

400 W

Power standby

5 W

Eco power down

1 W maximum


1-Year, Parts and Labor


Download the latest V5 User Manual


Supports Index embossers V5, V4 & V3. Printer driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. This version adds support for .docx and .rtf formats on Windows.