BrailleSense Polaris Notetaker



The new braille notetaker that everyone is talking about…

BrailleSense Polaris offers a new standard in blind-friendly applications with the latest in cutting edge technology making it the most powerful and versatile braille notetaker on the market.

  • 32-cell braille display and an 11-key Perkins-style keyboard with CTRL and ALT keys
  • Direct access to Android applications – download apps from Google Play Store just like on your phone or tablet
  • Great for students – utilize Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides & many more!
  • Extensive math tools for teachers and students
    • Input math equations directly into the word processor app – no need to switch between applications and no line limitations
    • Create & edit graphs using the Polaris Math graphing app, then export images into word processor app to share with sighted teachers or peers
    • Use the tactile preview mode in the graphing app to preview the graph tactilely
  • Powerful organization tools – access schedule manager, sync contacts, appointments & email
  • Designed to be upgradable for future versions of Android
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What is BrailleSense Polaris Notetaker?

The easiest, most powerful and most feature-packed braille notetaker available!

Android Applications

Polaris is an innovative collaboration of Braille and mainstream technology, offering the blind and visually impaired unprecedented accessible and intuitive productivity in today’s tablet-based world.

32-Cell Braille Display

Polaris is an innovative collaboration of Braille and mainstream technology, offering the blind and visually impaired unprecedented accessible and intuitive productivity in today’s tablet-based world.

11-Key Perkins-Style Keyboard

With a 32-cell Braille display and a 11-key Perkins-style keyboard with Ctrl and Alt Keys, Polaris looks and feels like a traditional notetaker. However, its competitive modern hardware and connectivity, along with direct access to Android applications, ensure it stacks up solidly against modern off-the-shelf phones and tablets.

Android OS!

Android Lollipop, openness and autonomy. An intuitive platform for everyone, regardless of whether you have a visual impairment!

  • Improved performance with a more open operating environment.
  • Customized for the blind, and compatible with the mainstream, Polaris seamlessly combines accessibility and autonomy.
  • Connect and communicate with your world, wherever you are, wherever you go.
  • Customize your Polaris with the apps that fit your lifestyle, and ensure connectivity with colleagues, friends and family using the same apps.
  • The possibilities are endless, make it yours! With thousands of accessible apps to choose from, Polaris can be what you need it to be.
  • As Android continues to grow, Polaris will grow with it, ensuring you will always stay contemporary.


Key Features

Power-Packed for the Office Environment

Robust productivity tools, whether you’re in the board room, at your desk, or on the road

  • Extensive file format support
  • Create Braille and text documents with advanced formatting in multiple languages
  • Print or emboss documents using a networked printer
  • Open Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and read them in contracted Braille

Organize Your World

  • Create a schedule with the Schedule Manager and set audible or vibrating alarms
  • Keep track of contact information for colleagues, friends, and family with the Address Manager
  • Synchronize contacts and appointments with your Google account
  • Send email messages using POP or IMAP accounts to sighted colleagues while reading incoming email messages

Advanced Tools for Students

Sophisticated Calculation and Composition Offers fraction calculation, Nemeth and UEB Braille code entry into a fully functional scientific calculator

  • Teachers and students can share assignments and homework without their teacher needing to learn strange abbreviations and code words

Use the Sense Dictionary to ensure stylistic and accurate composition

  • Includes Dictionary, Thesaurus, and optional English/Spanish, English/French, and English/Italian bilingual dictionaries

Mobile Connectivity & Communication

  • Surf the Internet with the BrailleSense Polaris’s Web Browser, based on the popular Chrome browser, with contracted Braille access
  • Take advantage of our mobile connectivity and your favorite Android apps for social networking, news and file sharing, to get whatever you need wherever you are


  • Books, music, videos and more for your education and entertainment
  • Outstanding media
  • Videos and Streaming
  • Enjoy a clear and powerful stereo audio listening experience with easily accessible audio buttons
  • Easily and instantly control FM Radio, DAISY Player and Media Player with designated media buttons located on the front of the unit
  • Play and navigate DAISY and NIMAS compatible digital talking books with text, audio, or both
  • Enjoy reading a variety of DAISY books: NIMAS1.1, XML DAISY, Daisy2.0, 2.02, 3.0, ANSI/NISO, Z39.86, DAISY3.0(
  • Search for and play videos on YouTube, or stream media content from the Internet

Created with the Deaf-Blind in Mind

  • Accessible alerts and communication options for those who cannot see or hear
  • Built-in Vibration Motor: The Deaf-Blind user is alerted to messages, prompts, alarms and incoming chats in a manner accessible without hearing or sight
  • Unique flippable LCD: The built-in LCD allows a sighted person to view the content of menus or text in documents for face-to-face communication

Created with the Deaf-Blind in Mind

  • Bring Braille access to your computer, phone or tablet
  • Braille access for main stream devices
  • Terminal for Screen Reader
  • Compatibility with major screen readers across multiple platforms
  • Use the Braille Sense Polaris as a Braille display with your PC, Mac, Smart phone, or tablet

    * JAWS, Window-Eyes, System Access, NVDA, SuperNova, VoiceOver for
    Mac and iOS, and BrailleBack for Android

    * Wirelessly connect to your phone via Bluetooth, or control your
    computer remotely from the comfort of your sofa

GPS Sensor & Electronic Compass

  • Enjoy your independence with accessible navigation, GPS sensor and electronic compass
  • The GPS sensor and electronic compass, along with navigation software, allow you to explore your surroundings and provide instant, accurate directions or real-time, turn-by-turn navigation to your destination
  • GPS apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

Advanced Connectivity & Control

  • Wi-fi 802.11AC dual band, Bluetooth 4.2, IRDA, USB 3.0 and HDMI.
  • The built-in 13 MP camera ensures accessible applications can take clear photos.
  • In addition to a traditional 9 key Perkins Braille keyboard and function keys, Polaris offers special touch enabled function keys for quickly performing common operations, like copying and pasting in the Word Processor, or switching tracks in the Media Player.
  • Conveniently charge Polaris via the included AC jack, USB, or via wireless charging.

Power-Packed for the Office Environment

  • Use the Word Processor to create and print Braille and text documents
  • Open and read text, RTF, DOC and DOCX, PPT and PPTX, PDF, and Epub files in contracted Braille
  • Send email using POP or IMAP
  • Keep track of contacts and appointments and sync them with your Google account.

Mobile Connectivity & Communication

  • Search for and download accessible applications in the Google Play store.
  • Use accessible Android apps for social networking, game play, Google services and more?
  • Browse the web with our accessible Web browser based on Google Chrome

Powerful Performance & Processing

  • Polaris boasts a powerful Samsung 2.1GHz octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and 64GB storage
  • Expandable storage with the SD card reader and USB host port
  • Super fast data transfer and charging with the combination Micro USB and USB 3.0 data port.

Advanced Tools for Students

  • Scientific calculator and full Nemath and UEB math support.
  • Optional Sense dictionary including thesaurus, and bilingual dictionaries
  • Read and write text, Braille and Microsoft Word documents in multiple languages.


  • Play and navigate DAISY and NIMAS compatible digital talking books
  • Listen to and record FM radio
  • Search for and play videos on YouTube, or stream audio content
  • Certified to use all Google services, including the play store. Thus, users can choose from among the thousands of accessible Android apps and access them via Polaris’s intuitive screen reader.

Braille Terminal and Visual Output

  • Polaris offers a unique multi-touch 32 cell Braille display that lets you navigate and control Braille Sense with touch gestures as you read its output in Braille.
  • Use Polaris as a Braille display for PC, Mac, Smart phones and tablets
  • Polaris provides visual output via the built-in LCD, HDMI display, or via Miracast.

Created with the Deaf-Blind in Mind

  • Unique flippable LCD display and a connected USB keyboard facilitate simple and instant communication with deaf-blind
  • Built-in vibration motor can be used to receive alerts and messages

GPS Sensor & Electronic Compass

  • Use the built-in GPS sensor and digital compass to navigate independently without the need for external devices
  • Download your favorite navigation app to plan, save, and guide your routes.

Rapid Data Processing with Ample Storage

  • Compact and power-packed
  • Long battery life 18 hours
  • 2.1GHz octa-core processor
  • 64GB flash disk
1. Character LCD Display 2. Indicator 3. Perkins Keyboard 4. Ctrl (NEW) 5. Alt (NEW) 6. Touch enabled Multi-function Media buttons (NEW)
7. AC Jack 8. IrDA (Infrared Remote Control) 9. 13MP AF Camera Sensor 10. Wireless Charging Battery Pack (NEW)
Model # H532B
Braille Display Multi-touch enabled 32-Cells
Keyboard Type Perkins-style
Platform Android OS 5.1.1 (Lollipop), 2.1GHz Octa-core (CPU), 3GB (RAM)
Flash Memory 64 GB
Video Display HDMI output, built-in LCD
Interface USB 3.0 micro OTG, USB 2.0, HDMI, SD Card slot, Touch-enabled Multi Function Buttons
Network WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2, IrDA, NFC (only in internal Apps) Ethernet: USB to Ethernet (Optional)
Navigation Voice Trigger (“Hey Polaris”), Built-in GPS, RTC, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope
Media 13MP AF Camera, Alert (Vibration, Buzzer, Proprietary ringtones), Stereo speaker, Stereo MEMS and ANC microphone
Applications App Store: Google Play Store Preinstalled Apps: Polaris Office (Word, Slides, Sheets, Email), Web Browser, Terminal for Screen Reader, DAISY, File Manager, Schedule Manager, Address Manager, Calculator, Calendar, Media Player, Time & Date, Alarm, Stopwatch, FM Radio Optimized Apps: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Classroom, APH Nearby Explorer
Supported File Formats Documents: HBL, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, RTF, TXT, BRL, BRF, EPUB, PDF, HTML/XML (in Web browser). Media: YouTube, MP3, MP4, WAV, ASF, OGG, WMA, M4A, M3U, PLS, Audible (with appropriate app), WMV, FLAC, MID, ACC. DAISY: DAISY 2.0/2.02/3.0, NIMAS 1.1,, Open Library, NLS, Learning Ally (with appropriate apps)
Battery 18 hours, 5 hours to charge(AC adapter and USB), Wireless charging(Qi compatible)
Size & Weight 9.66” x 5.66” x 0.39” (W x D x H), 1.65 lbs
Security & Safety Kensington Lock, Braille Cell Cover, TPU Carrying Case
Warranty One-year limited parts and labor warranty