CloverBook Pro

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A foldable, touchscreen magnifier with OCR & distance camera!

This large 12.5″ FHD touchscreen video magnifier comes equipped with 3 viewing modes (near, self and distance view) and text-to-speech all in a compact, foldable design weighing less than 5lbs!

CloverBook Pro – the foldable, large-screen magnifier that everyone is talking about! 

  • 12.5-inch FHD (1080p) matte touchscreen display
  • 4K (60fps) camera resolution for reading (1x-60x)
  • Discreet, fold-out camera for distance/self-viewing (1x-18x)
  • Scan & read/OCR – Full letter-sized page
  • Light, portable and foldable with protective carry case
  • Choice to use traditional tactile controls or touchscreen navigation
  • Split-screen viewing – view both cameras simultaneously!
  • Live panning – explore live, zoomed images without moving the device
  • Connects to a TV for larger viewing
  • Photo mode and 16 high contrast modes
  • Continuous use up to 4 – 5 hours – user rechargeable battery
  • Fold-out, integrated stand provides a proper angle for reading and writing

Add the CloverView Extra Screen!

Add an additional 12.5″ full-HD screen to your CloverBook Pro to double your viewing area and essentially upgrade your device in the process; with unique reading-orientation, split-screen and computer-connect features added, using the CloverView external screen. LEARN MORE

CloverBook Pro; 12.5″ FHD foldable video magnifier with touchscreen navigation, distance camera & OCR

CloverBook Pro, from SightCare, offers a large, 12.5-inch FHD screen with full-page text-to-speech scanning; all in a light, foldable, extremely portable unit, complete with an attractive protective carry case. CloverBook Pro is powerful but simple to use; with traditional (tactile) controls, like magnification and contrast knobs. It also has a touchscreen for people who prefer to use that.


Unique Features

CloverBook Pro boasts unique features like a user-replaceable battery and very discreet additional camera that folds out for distance and self-viewing. With CloverBook Pro, you even have the option for split-screen, so you can view notes on your desk and see a presenter/instructor at the same time. Add the additional screen, and you can view both cameras on separate 12.5-inch screens, simultaneously.  If you want to hear your document read aloud, press the “T” button on the front of CloverBook to scan any text in view. Or, enter the scan mode and scan the entire letter-sized page at once. Try one, and see how easy it is to use the new, super-portable, powerful and affordable CloverBook Pro.


Classroom or Office Use:

CloverBook Pro is perfect for students and professionals who need to read documents and write at their desk, while also viewing an instructor/presenter. The portable design makes it easy to move between class, work and home.


Use at home:

CloverBook Pro make an ideal partner for reading at home. When you’re not using it, you can quickly fold it down and put it away. And when you head away on vacation, CloverBook Pro packs up easily to come along for the ride.

Try CloverBook Pro today and get all the power and features of a desktop CCTV with speech; in a much lighter, portable and more affordable package.

Training Videos


More Features
  • Storage and playback of images (~4GB)
  • Import and export of documents and images
  • Photo (natural color) mode and 16 high contrast modes
  • Continuous use up to 5 hours – 3 hours to charge
  • User-rechargeable and user-replaceable battery
  • Option to add an additional/attachable 12.5-inch screen
  • Fast 10 second startup time
  • Protective carry case with handle & shoulder strap
  • Separate external charger & additional battery pack available – Price TBD
  • Reformatted text views of captured documents
  • HDMI Output to larger screen
  • Mini HDMI Input (to use as additional laptop screen, camera etc)
Technical Specificiations
  • 12.5 inch Full HD (1080p) matte touch screen
  • Screen Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Ultra HD 4K auto-focus Camera – Video Resolution: 3840*2160
  • Close-view: 1x – 60x
  • Distance-view: up to 18x
  • Photo (natural color) mode and 16 high contrast modes
  • Full Page (letter size)  OCR & Text-to-Speech
  • LCD brightness adjustable
  • Contrast adjustable in Enhanced Color mode
  • Near-view, Distance-view, Self/Mirror-view
  • Virtual horizontal / vertical split screen
  • Physical split screen (with external screen connected)
  • Live panning; freeze/stored image panning
  • Image Storage and Playback (~4GB)
  • Line / Mask function; Text relocation / Find function Button / menu / speech voice control
  • Left/right lights; On/Off
  • Saves last user setting
  • No cooling fan necessary
  • Detachable, rechargeable Li battery pack
  • 4-5 hours (depending on application) continuous use
  • 3 hours full charge time
  • Input: 110-240V; Output: 12V/3A
  • Dimensions: 14.89×10.32×1.58”(folded)
  • 14.89×10.32×10.16”(set up)
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs (with battery)
  • Certifications: CE; FCC; RoHS
Supported Languages
  • English (US, AU and UK)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French (FR)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
Compare CloverBook Models

Compare CloverBook Models




12.5” Full-HD Matte Touchscreen Yes Yes Yes
4-5 Hour Battery Life Yes Yes Yes
Foldable, Portable Design Yes Yes Yes
Protective Carrying Case Yes Yes Yes
Distance Camera Yes Yes
Text-to-Speech OCR Yes
Connects to External Screen Yes
Split-Screen View Yes

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  • Marvin Hawkins

    Very Helpful

    Upon receipt of the magnifier I spent the first few days familiarizing myself with its many features. So far so good. Although I have not used it extensively yet, I am pleased with what I have done to date. The details in the instruction manual are a little unclear at times, but I was able to figure most of it out. Overall, I am satisfied with the magnifier and the price is comparable to other brands.

    November 2, 2023
    Verified Review
  • K.Gardner

    Thanks for your comments. Apparently, we haven’t done a good enough job informing people about all the possibilities with CloverBook Pro. You’ll be happy to know that you can connect to a computer, tablet or phone with CloverBook Pro; including Android and iOS. We have a video on the Irie-AT YouTube channel to show how it works. You can view on the CloverBook Pro screen, view split-screen and even view on a separate screen so you can see your live magnification and computer/device, each on a dedicated screen. It’s true; the extra battery is not cheap. The good news is that the extra battery is WAY less expensive than replacing the entire device, when the battery fails; which always happens, eventually. With CloverBook Pro, you can just get a new battery and you are back up and running; unlike most competing devices that do not have a user-replaceable battery and require a replacement of the entire device, just because of an old battery.

    October 25, 2023
  • K. Youngblut

    CloverBook Pro is a life changing device for everyone

    Dear Cloverbook,

    I can’t tell you what a difference you have made in my son’s life, and ours. Ever since his brain injury he has struggled at school because of his cortical vision impairment. My wife and I have worked with several professionals in the educational environment and it wasn’t until recently that we had an individual advocate for what she called “the CloverBook”. What it was, we didn’t know nor did we really care. If an educational professional thought it would help our son we were willing to try it. That’s what we have always done and we have tried many things in the past. This educational advisor not only recommended it, she somehow convinced our local school in to purchase one of these devices. After its purchase and implementation, my son has been able to keep up academically with his classmates. What a difference it has made! When we went to our last school conference and met with the teacher we had our first experience with this equipment. We asked the teacher to show it to us and she said “No, I’ll have Kaden demonstrate it”. Our son eyes lit up! He was so excited to show us how it helped him in so many ways and what it could do. He could now see the white board on the front wall on his screen in front of him. He showed us how his other screen on his CloverBook not only made his textbook bigger, but he could also change it to the black on yellow font that another vision specialist had recommended which allowed him to see the words more clearly. With the help of this CloverBook device he was able to start to learn to read. One of his educators was able to figure out contrast and would try to pre-prepare lessons for him but now the CloverBook could do that for him. It was life changing device for everyone.

    August 16, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Ed Curtis

    I recently replaced my Helix with the Clover Book Pro. It has so many more features. Some of these I thought I might never use. However, using the additional screen, I was able to play the game Pandemic with family for the very first time, being able to see the board and manuver around the map. Prior to this I simply had to try and memorize the map and where player pieces and other board markers were located. It made he game so much more enjoyable. At age 71 1/2 I won’t use the added screen as much as I would have, when I was a grade school, high school and university student. How I wish we had this technology back then. Cody, Jeff and everyone at Irie-at are absolutely wonderful. This is not a hard device to master. Whether you are using it to read, sign checks, fill out forms, having the device read text to you, view the white board in class or in a meeting on the job, this device will offer you all you need.

    April 3, 2023
    Verified Review
  • A. Inman

    We have ordered the Cloverbook Pro and the external screen and are thrilled with it!

    – My student has been able to access his textbooks (never was able to before), and he can partner read around the room with any book of his choice (he used to have to read a “big book” on the floor and there was VERY limited choices)

    – We can access DIBELS reading testing materials with it and he’s able to test with a much more fair playing ground.

    – The other great thing is that he is not hidden behind a giant screen – I can see him when he raises his hand (and the students behind him!) and he doesn’t have to stand up to get my attention.

    – It also allows me to move him to different areas of the room – for the past 18 months he’s never gotten to change places because he had to be where the tech was grounded.

    -All around, it’s been so great for him. I love seeing him reading his nonfiction books that he loves so much and sharing all he is learning. I really feel like it has just afforded him the same opportunities the other children have had all along – it’s really made everything more equitable and accessible to him.

    February 10, 2023
    Verified Review
  • K. Parrish

    CloverBook Pro is a Life Changer!

    Switching the Lite for the Pro is one of the best decisions I ever made. The phrase “I absolutely love it” is an understatement of epic proportions. It’s been, very literally, a life-changer, and I will very cheerfully commit murder rather than give it up. Pretty strong reaction for owning it only about a week, but it’s just that fantastic a piece of equipment.

    December 16, 2022
    Verified Review
  • S. Nelson

    Great for my Student!!!!!

    The CloverBook Pro works great for my student! He uses the one camera to magnifier this textbook and the other to view the smartboard. We are going to be purchasing the extra screen so he can have more space to view both areas at the same time. I highly recommend this!

    October 6, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Allexandre De pedro

    Allexandre De pedro
    CloverBook pro 12.5 “ FHD Portable video Magnifier with screen is amazing! I highly recommend this product!

    December 19, 2020

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