CloverNote HD

An ultra-compact 12-inch portable video magnifier

CloverNote HD is compact and weighs less than 3lbs, yet boasts a large 12.5-inch viewing area on a Full HD anti-glare touchscreen. Complete with a UHD 4K reading camera, separate self-view camera and even a user-replaceable, user-rechargeable battery, CloverNote HD brings power and flexibility; all in a simple-to-use device. Add the Optional Camera Arm for a huge writing space and powerful distance camera.


  • 12.5-inch FHD (1080p) matte touchscreen display
  • Ultra HD 4K (60fps) auto-focus camera (up to 48x)
  • Close view, distance view and even mirror/self view
  • Portable and foldable with protective carry case
  • Choice to use traditional tactile controls or touchscreen navigation
  • Live panning – explore live, zoomed images without moving the device
  • Connects to a TV for larger viewing
  • Photo mode and 16 high contrast modes
  • Continuous use up to 4.5 hours – user rechargeable battery
  • Fold-out, integrated stand provides a proper angle for reading & writing

Optional Camera Arm

Need space for reading large books? Or room for writing? The Optional Camera Arm attaches quickly to the CloverNote HD and extends out to the right side to provide a huge writing and reading space. The Optional Camera Arm also doubles as a distance camera; bending and flexing to point in virtually any direction.  Learn More>>

Price: $199.00

The NEW CloverNote HD is offers near, self and distance viewing – all in a handheld, portable device!


CloverNote HD is thin and light and comes with a protective carry case. The legs fold in flush to keep a slim profile and the entire device weighs only 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Quickly fold up and put in the carry case to be on your way.

Simple but Powerful

CloverNote HD includes physical and tactile controls like knobs and buttons. And CloverNote HD also has a touchscreen. However you want to control CloverNote HD, there is an easy and intuitive way to do it.

Stunning image

CloverNote HD has a UHD 4K reading camera and 1080p FHD viewing screen. Get a crystal-clear image, with distinct contrast color modes and rapid refocus.

Replaceable Battery

How many times do we have to throw our devices in the trash, simple because the battery fizzled out? Not with CloverNote HD. CloverNote HD includes a user-replaceable battery, so you simply replace that and don’t have to replace the entire device just because your battery got old.

Learn More

Magnification RangeMagnification Range 2x to 48x
screen size
Screen Size
12.5 inches
self viewing
Self Viewing
distance viewing
Distance Viewing
on-screen reading & writing guides
Reading & Writing Guides

enhanced reading colours

Color Combinations
image storage
Image Storage
freeze frame
Freeze Frame
touch screen
Touch Screen
battery life & type
Battery Life / Type
4.5 hours / li-ion


4K Ultra HD
Auto-focus camera


1.1 kg
2.9 lbs
Dimensions L x W x D

12 x 9.6 x 0.9 inches (folded)
12 x 6.15 x 7 inches (setup)

external display connections
External Display Connections
HDMI – output
pc connectivity
PC Connectivity
1 year
Supported Languages
  • English (US, AU and UK)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French (FR)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


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