Duxbury Braille Translator

  • Import documents from mainstream programs & formats such as MS Word, Open Office, HTML, DAISY, NIMAS and more!
  • Display ink text along with braille for easier proofing
  • 130+ languages supported
  • Extensive math, science and music code support
  • Spell-check with 300,000+ word dictionary
  • Supports all commercial braille embossers


The Most Popular Braille Translation Software in the World!

Translate documents to braille using the world’s most popular braille translation software! Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows is the leading braille translation software around. Whether you have previous experience with braille or not, this software is perfect for beginners, and is the preferred braille translation software for production facilities worldwide.

This powerful braille translator comes with built-in tools such as textbook layout templates (BANA standards), over 100 formatting and translation codes and a library of user configurable styles and templates for even great customization.

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