Embosser Sound Enclosure



  • Acoustical foam lining on all sides to absorb sound
  • Patented rear and bottom adjustable paper slot
  • Whisper-quiet cooling fan
  • Integrated AC receptacle
  • Sturdy acrylic lid protects from dust and dirt while allowing easy viewing
  • Pressure hinge lasts for years
  • Constructed of 3/4″ laminated particle board

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Viking enclosures feature lush acoustical padding on all sides of the enclosed area to absorb sound and vibration, as well as a patented rear and bottom paper slot system. These enclosures muffle the sound of your noisy embosser and also look great in your home, office or classroom. Acrylic lid with pressure hinge protects the printer from dust and dirt while still allowing easy viewing. Whisper-quiet cooling fan and an AC receptacle provides simultaneous printer and fan operation.

The floor models and stand have space for storing paper and other supplies right where you need them.

Desktop Enclosure 

  • Outside Dimensions: 33″W x 27″D x 20″H
  • Inside Dimensions: 29″W x 24″D x 18.5″H

Floor Model Enclosures

  • Outside Dimensions: 33.5″W x 30.25″D x 47.75″H
  • Inside Dimensions: 30.5″W x 28″D x 22.75″H