Esysuite Software

Accessible suite of apps, designed for refreshable braille users

Transform your b.note braille display into a powerful notetaker with esysuite software! Add the esysuite software to your Windows computer, connect the b.note and use esysuite to write braille text, braille math and even braille music; all on a platform that easily translates back and forth between braille and standard print. 

esysuite comes included with and can only be added to b.note 20 and b.note 40 braille displays.


Accessible suite of apps, designed for refreshable braille users

Use esysuite to:

  • Type, import and translate documents to braille
  • Create and edit text, math and even music braille
  • View, print, emboss and transfer files in ink/print and braille
  • Compatible with b.note 20/40 and included with

Import files

esysuite quickly imports the following formats:

  • Word (.docx)
  • LibreOffice2 (.odt)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Braille (.brf)

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Braille Transcription

esysuite automatically translates to braille any document you import. You can also scan/OCR documents that are inaccessible and translate to braille with esysuite.


References at your fingertips

Multiple dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedia, foreign languages dictionaries and more are included in esysuite. Enjoy all these great reference materials, always at hand.

esysuite helps a braille student in a sighted world

esysuite displays everything in braille on the or b.note braille displays. esysuite also visually displays everything (text, math and music) in both print and braille, when connected to a video monitor. You can also emboss braille or print to an ink printer easily with esysuite. With esysuite, there is very little disruption, going back and forth between the mostly sighted world.

Need a powerful tool for braille math?

esysuite makes it easy to type, edit, import, emboss/print and share math files; all in a file format that can be viewed/shared by all. 

What about music?

Similar to math, esysuite works with international braille music code. You can translate, display and print your music in print or braille characters, or both. Whether for school or hobby, esysuite is ideal for reading and composing music in braille.

Other details

esysuite is available for Windows; compatible with b.note 20 and b.note 40, and included and installed on the

esysuite is available in several languages (including English, French and Spanish)

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