FanFold-D V5



  • 330 characters/second – fastest production braille embosser at this price
  • Reliable tractor-fed paper for high capacity embossing
  • Quality double-sided Braille with high-resolution tactile graphics!
  • Automatic magazine format embossing – seamless book printing
  • Wireless connectivity – on-board WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Low noise level

FanFold-D V5 is the new high-speed production Braille embosser based on the well proven BrailleBox V5 technology platform. It combines an excellent dot quality, high speed, low maintenance cost, and competitive price.

The principle construction of FanFold-D is simple. It uses the embossing and electronic modules of BrailleBox, the feeding mechanism of Basic-D, and the noise reduction technology of Index Acoustic Hoods. The combination of these simple principles leads to an excellent result, the best traditional braille printer ever produced.

The FanFold-D is delivered on a pallet, ready to be used directly.

Easy on-site maintenance

  • Maintaining FanFold-D on site can be done without a trained technician. This major step is possible because:
  • No mechanical adjustment is required.
  • No lubrication of moving parts. This eliminates the problem of dust and reduces the cleaning need.
  • The complete mechanic printing module is accessible after opening the glass lid.
  • Only a few modules: embossing module with driver electronic board, electronic module with power supply, CPU board, the user interface and a few sensors.
  • Sensors and firmware upgrades are shown by light-up text.
  • Web interface to monitor embosser status, etc.
  • Remote support from Index factory.
  • Exploded view drawings combined with web shop make spare parts accessible for everyone.

Additional information


40.16 x 35.43 x 24.41 inches


220 lbs


60 dB(A)

Paper type


Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper support

5-12.5 inches wide

Embossing speed

330 CPS

Braille cell

6 or 8 dot

Max character per line

48, depending on paper size

Tactile graphic resolution

Up to 50 DPI

User interface

Multilingual speech feedback


LED back lit keys labeled in in and braille


USB 2.0 standard


100 MB standard TCP/IP

Headphone plug

Standard 3.5 mm


Supports standard WiFi and Bluetooth

Web interface

Embedded for embosser status, monitoring, setup, and service


59 – 104 F


10 – 90% non-condensing


100 – 240 VAC

Power max

400 W

Power standby

5 W

Eco power down

1 W maximum


1-Year, Parts and Labor

Better Braille

braille dot hammer

Our improved embossing technology will give you consistent high-quality Braille dots.

Wireless Embossing

wireless embossing

Cut the wires and create beautiful Braille documents from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

User Interface

embosser user interface

We give you more control with our new and improved user interface.

Index Direct Braille

Index Direct Braille

Use idB to send a file directly to print without the hassle of a braille editor.

Emboss and Backup from USB

USB port

Emboss, backup, and restore your embosser using nothing but a USB drive.

Remote Support


Diagnose and correct issues faster than ever with remote support.


Download the latest V5 User Manual


Supports Index embossers V5, V4 & V3. Printer driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. This version adds support for .docx and .rtf formats on Windows.