Feelif Pro Tablet

When blind individuals can feel pictures on touchscreens

Discover a whole new digital world of pictures, shapes and colors with a special tactile grid, vibrations and sounds. It only takes minutes to learn the basics.


  • Provides a dynamic tactile learning experience that can adapt with the student and materials
  • Use the tablet to learn braille, shapes, math, graphs and other visual subjects
  • Play games that were developed specifically for the visually impaired to provide entertainment, fun and learning opportunities
  • Create your own content or use the tools to explain ideas with drawings
  • Take pictures, feel them and share them with the world


When the blind can feel pictures on touchscreens

Discover a whole new digital world of pictures, shapes and colors with a special tactile grid, vibrations and sounds. It only takes minutes to learn the basics.


As a parent you want only the best for your child. With Feelif children with sight impairment can discover and develop their full potential. What do you say about learning braille on a device as simple as a smart tablet? Thanks to Feelif ground breaking technology learning is easier, more affordable and more fun.




Express your imagination, tell your story. Feelif opens up a whole new world of creativity. With Feelif Pro you can create your own digital tactile books or educational content to help blind and visually impaired children learn. You can also share your amazing content with the world. Use Feelif to inspire others.




Childhood is all about playing. Play is fun, it is freedom, it is friendship and endless exploring. Feelif games are based on sound effects and unforgettable touch experience. We know there is a child in every adult. At Feelif we keep developing games that everybody can play.




A photo can tell a thousand words. With Feelif you can take photos, touch photos and share photos with friends and family. It is super easy to stay in touch! Feelif comes with large buttons with high contrast, so all you need is a phone signal. Hello, how are you doing?

Learn with Feelif

Why Learning with Feelif is Transformational

Children develop awareness of spatial relationships, strengthen fine motor skills and learn mental mapping. There is the satisfaction and joy in new achievements and successes. Feelif enables a child to transition from the world of traditional tactile graphics to gaining digital skills.

Feelif Educational Content

With our exclusive range of content developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired we provide a more effective way for them to learn. Visit the tactile books, tools & games page to discover more. There are many different levels of Feelif content all with the same aim, to evolve the skill of digital sight. As skills evolve so does the content. A pathway from foundation skills to experiencing a higher level of graphic complexity.

Exclusive Educational Content

Learning Braille

Learn Braille on your Feelif.

Geometric Functions

Learn, understand and feel the geometric functions


Learn shapes through vibration and sound

Play with Feelif

Feelif provides hours of entertainment for anyone. Our range of games are specially developed for the blind and visually impaired. Play against your Feelif or play against others. Play and have fun while you learn.

Why Playing with Feelif is Transformational

Learning the skill of being digitally sighted through play and fun is exciting way of expanding opportunities for the blind and visually impaired. Feelif strengthens cognitive skills like spatial memory, concentration and strategy development. Feelif games encourage learning and a competitive spirit that builds confidence.



Feelif Games

Our exclusive range of games developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired provide entertainment, fun and learning opportunities. Visit the tactile books, games & tools page to discover more. Children learn through play and develop the digital skills they need.

Exclusive Games


Play against any opponent, move pieces as easily as in the physical world with adapted chessboard.


Test and train your memory skills with the memory game.


It’s time to let the destruction begin. A timeless classic.

Create with Feelif

It’s time to get creative. From drawing to taking photographs Feelif is a whole new way for the blind and visually impaired to get creative and through sound and touch feel explore their own creations. Let your imagination run wild. What would you create with Feelif?

Why Creating with Feelif is Transformational

Expressing creativity means fulfilling life. With Feelif you can create your own content bringing satisfaction and joy with new achievements and successes. Using Feelif allows you to easily explain ideas with drawings. You can tell your own stories and engage with your audience. Develop your imagination and learn better problem solving, an essential skill for everybody.





Feelif Creative Content

Our exclusive range of creative content developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired allow children to explore the creative world. Visit the tactile books, games & tools page to discover more. Create. Share. Learn. Enjoy.

Exclusive creative content

Feelif Camera

Take and feel great pictures!

FeelBook Maker

Sighted users can create their own tactile books and content.


Make, feel and explore drawings

Communicate with Feelif

The need to communicate is a basic need of every human. At Feelif we want to expand the communication possibilities for the blind and visually impaired. Every Feelif comes with specially developed browser to explore the world of the internet and special camera software to communicate with images.


Why Communicating with Feelif is Transformational

Users can take photos, feel photos and share photos with the world. Everyone can stay in touch with everyone. Feelif gives you the opportunity to be part of a community and stay connected.





Feelif Communication Tools

All Feelif devices have a SIM slot giving you the power to communicate with the world everywhere. Feelif communication tools for the blind and visually impaired feature large buttons with high contrast. You can explore the objects, scenes, colors and descriptions on webpages and communicate with others.

Exclusive communication tools

Feelif Browser

Experience the internet on another level.

Feelif Picture Gallery

Explore photos through vibration and sound.

Product Resources


Tactile resolution relief grid

  • 30×39 dots
  • high density grid
  • adaptive density for beginners and advanced users

Included Apps (17)

  • Feelif Games
    Battleships, Chess, Connect Four, Farm Game, Memory, Snakes & Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Feelif Applications
    Camera, Picture Gallery,  Browser, Phone, Feelbook Player – personal licence for first year included
  • Feelif Education
    Draw, Geometric Functions, Learning Braille, Shapes.
  • FeelBook Maker
    Specialized software for sighted people (teachers, parents) for creating tactile books, which can be played with FeelBook on all Feelif devices. Personal licence for first year included.

Included Content:

  • FeelBooks (full access)
    Find the Mammal, Christmas Story, Weather, Count to 10, African Animals, Shapes and Graphs, Learning Notes, Map of USA, Map of EU.
  • New content (full access)
    Access to new content (apps and tactile books) on Feelif Platform.

Technical Specifications:

  • Device powered by Samsung
    Galaxy Tab s7 with 11″ screen
  • Screen resolution
    1600×2560 pixels
  • RAM
    6 GB
  • Storage options
    128GB + microSD slot
  • Languages
    English, German, French, Turkish, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian
  • Dimensions
    9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 in

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