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Plug GuideReader Pod into your TV and read with large screen access and audio instructions, with all the convenience of a remote control:

  • Instantly browse, download and read 1000’s of free audio books and newspapers!
  • Accessible for people with every type of visual impairment
  • Simple audio instructions guide you through every step
  • Icons and menus can be enlarged as big as you need them
  • Simple remote control feels instantly comfortable and familiar
  • Simple step-by-step choices read aloud
  • Can plug in USB stick to read MP3, DAISY and Epub formatted files
  • Stop & start reading with just 1 button on the Dolphin remote
  • Spoken help for the exact spot you find yourself
  • Never get lost – press and hold the back button and you’re instantly back to the home screen
Indulge with a good book. Choose from thousands of titles.

Dolphin GuideReader is designed for people with any level of visual impairment to continue reading books as actively as they ever have. With touch and remote control options, GuideReader is easy to use and accessible to anyone who can use a TV remote.

GuideReader connects to all major providers of accessible books and news. Just type in the codes available free to low-vision and blind citizens and instantly browse, download and read 1000’s of books and newspapers. Use NLS Bard (National Library Service), Bookshare, NFB Newsline, Project Gutenburg and Epub.

Listen to the Easterseals Crossroads podcast on Dolphin’s GuideReader Pod and Tablet. In the podcast, Jeff Gardner, the Irie-AT CEO, and Wade Wingler of Easterseals Crossroads discuss some questions that are commonly asked about GuideReader.

Intro to GuideReader Pod

Download accessible books from NLS BARD

John's Demo Room

GuideReader is instantly comfortable and familiar

Everything about GuideReader Pod is simple and easy to use. Simply pick up your GuideReader Remote and with the press of a single button, you’re back reading, right where you left off.

Browsing for a new book is just as easy; listen to the simple step-by-step instructions read by human sounding voices. And unlike mainstream devices there’s no qwerty keyboard or app store to navigate.

Plus you can never get lost – jump straight back to the home screen with the press of a single button. Setting up GuideReader Pod is even simple; just plug it directly into your TV’s HDMI port and add power, it’s that simple.

GuideReader Pod has been created specifically for people with visual impairments that have a love of reading:

  • Enlarge GuideReader’s menus and icons to a size that suits you
  • Simple talking instructions that guide you, step by step
  • 6 high contrast colour schemes to choose from
  • Choose from a range of human sounding voices that are all easy on the ear
  • Adjust the audio speed and volume for total listening comfort
  • Tutorials, help and remote support that is designed by visually impaired people for visually impaired people!

Need big print?  Go as large as your sight requires!  Unlike mainstream bookreaders, GuideReader doesn’t restrict how large you make the text in the book.  Pick a text font that works for you and read with word highlighting on or off. Or if your eyes tire easily, sit back, rest your eyes and listen to the audio.

GuideReader Pod is fully accessible, straight from the box with a talking getting started instructions and mini tutorials to teach you the basics. Designed with the unique requirements of readers with visual impairments, GuideReader Pod has large print menus and icons that are high contrast and always easy to read.  The human voices are easy on the ear too, carefully guiding you, step by step.

Audio & Text
Experience the widest range of audio books, human narrated and delivered with large, crystal clear text, thanks to Dolphin’s True Font technology.  From top ten best sellers to old classics, romance to tragedy, GuideReader has them all, free and ready to read. Simply sign up to your regional accessible library provider and get reading!

Synchronized, highlighted & Super Smooth!
There’s no need to compromise with GuideReader: listen to audio, read the large print text, or do both with each perfectly synchronized.   NB Some books are supplied as audio only or text audio.

Supported Formats
GuideReader reads books and newspapers in MP3, Daisy 2, DAISY 3 (text and audio) and Epub formats.

USB memory sticks
If you receive newspapers or books from an accessible book provider on a memory (USB) stick, GuideReader will play those too – simply import them and they’re on your bookshelf.

Dolphin Remote

GuideReader’s Remote feels instantly comfortable and familiar. The simple, tactile buttons give you instant access to all your favorite GuideReader book reading functions:

  • Stop/Start Reading
  • Dashboard
  • Help
  • Previous / Next
  • Mute
  • Volume
  • Back

There’s no need to panic about getting to grips with GuideReader Pod – it really is simple and there’s tons of help when you need it. Tutorials are included and will literally guide your fingers through the basics with your Dolphin Remote!

And if you ever forgot or need a reminder, help is always at hand.  Press the Help button and there’s tips for the exact spot you find yourself in – GuideReader even reads it to you. We’ve also included a host of videos online with handy tips, for your or family members that are supporting you.

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