Basic-D V5

Basic-D V5

  • 110 characters/second – fastest braille embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided Braille – the industry standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics
  • Built in Wi-Fi for embossing with portable devices
  • Emboss, upgrade, and backup your embosser with USB
  • Built in Bluetooth for external speakers
  • Control panel with embedded speakers, backlit text and keys
  • Updated firmware with recovery mode and Acapela multilingual speech
  • Compact size – can go with you everywhere
  • Tractor feed paper – the most reliable sheet feeding technology!

Whether you need to emboss quick notes or long documents, this 110 CPS braille embosser can do it all! Use Index Direct Braille and built in Wi-Fi to send documents from your portable device or computer or emboss your document directly from a USB. With quality Braille and high-resolution tactile graphics, the Basic-D V5 is the best choice for your embossing needs.

Basic-D V5 is a small yet powerful Braille printer. The utilization of double-sided fanfold paper makes this desktop braille embosser great for braille in the classroom, office or at home, all for an attractive low price.

Additional Information


5″ x 20″ x 10″ (13 cm x 52 cm x 26 cm)


16.7 lbs (7.6 kg)


< 60 dB(A) with acoustic cabinet

Paper type

Tractor fed paper

Paper weight

120 – 180 gram/m2

Paper width

5 – 13 inch (130 – 330 mm)

Paper length

1 – 17 inch (25 – 432 mm)

Embossing speed

110 cps

Braille cell

6 and 8 dots

Max character per line


Tatcile graphic resolution

Up to 50 DPI. Minimum distance between dots 1.5 mm

User interface

Multilingual speech feedback


Back lit, labeled in ink and Braille + LED status


USB 2.0


100 MB standard TCP/IP

Serial interface

9-pin female

Headphone plug

Standard 3.5 mm

Web interface

Embedded web server for embosser status monitoring and setup


15 – 40 C (59 – 104 F)


100 – 240 V AC

Power max

140 Watt

Power stand by

5 Watt

Eco power down

0.05 Watt

Better Braille

braille dot hammer

Our improved embossing technology will give you consistent high-quality Braille dots.

Wireless Embossing

wireless embossing

Cut the wires and create beautiful Braille documents from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

User Interface

embosser user interface

We give you more control with our new and improved user interface.

Index Direct Braille

Index Direct Braille

Use idB to send a file directly to print without the hassle of a braille editor.

Emboss and Backup from USB

USB port

Emboss, backup, and restore your embosser using nothing but a USB drive.

Remote Support


Diagnose and correct issues faster than ever with remote support.


Download the latest V5 User Manual


Supports Index embossers V5, V4 & V3. Printer driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. This version adds support for .docx and .rtf formats on Windows.