IRIE Braille Buddy

A braille embosser that is so versatile it can meet the demands of everyday users!

  • 25 characters/second – the fastest embosser at the price
  • Quality single-sided braille
  • High-resolution tactile graphics – multiple dot heights for greater detail
  • Braille & tactile graphics software included – (Tiger Software Suite)
  • Multiple paper options – use tractor or single cut-sheet paper
  • Portable personal embosser – small and compact to take with you
  • Add the optional GoBraille for wireless embossing from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BrailleSense Polaris and BrailleNote Touch!

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Affordable, Versatile Braille Embosser

The IRIE Braille Buddy is not only the most affordable braille embosser on the market but also the most versatile! With quality single-sided braille, high-resolution graphics and the ability to use both tractor and cut-sheet paper, the IRIE Braille Buddy is the ideal braille embosser for the everyday user!

Embossing at 25 CPS, the IRIE Braille Buddy is fast enough to emboss school assignments, meeting notes, office reports and much more! You can even produce high-resolution tactile graphics with multiple dot heights just like you can with more expensive embossers.


Braille & Tactile Graphics Software Included

Tiger Software Suite is your complete solution for producing braille and tactile graphics. It makes it easy to get accurate braille translation in seconds. Insert text and graphics within familiar programs such as Word and Excel and translate with the touch of a button. It’s great for users of all skill levels!


Tractor & Cut-Sheet Paper Options

Use tractor paper for embossing longer documents or insert individual sheets of paper for quick prints. You can even use special media such as business card templates, Avery labels and greeting cards, giving you more options than ever before!


Compact Size for Ultimate Portability

Its compact, light-weight design makes it easy to find space for it wherever you are. Add the optional rolling case to make it easy to transport between locations. Whether you need braille at home, work or school, it’s easy to pack up and take with you. The IRIE Braille Buddy is the perfect solution for students, TVI’s or busy professionals who need access to braille everywhere you go!


Add Wireless Embossing

Add the optional GoBraille and transform your embosser into a wireless printer to emboss directly from your computer or mobile device. Send files from any Android or iOS app that lets you print and have the GoBraille automatically translate and emboss for you on your Braille Buddy – it’s that easy! You are no longer limited to only embossing documents made on a computer and saved in a specific format. With the GoBraille and Braille Buddy you can emboss directly from your web browser, email, appointments and lots more!

Demonstration Video from a Braille Buddy User

When Jina needed to create braille & tactile graphics for her 3-year old child who is blind she looked everywhere for an affordable solution. She eventually found the Braille Buddy and fell in love. Watch her video as she describes her experience and shows users how she uses this embosser to help her child learn braille.

Webinar: Braille Buddy – Personal Braille Embosser

Join us to see the IRIE Braille Buddy in action; the world’s most affordable and portable braille embosser. Blind children need braille to be literate and need tactile graphics to learn structure and study STEM subjects. Yet, the cost of a braille embosser/printer can be cost-prohibitive for parents of blind children, and even for many schools; particularly an embosser that can emboss both braille and tactile graphics effectively.

The IRIE Braille Buddy does it all, for less than half the price of most desktop embossers. It can emboss braille and tactile graphics and can use both cut-sheet and tractor fed paper. The Braille Buddy even comes with braille and tactile graphics software, included.

In today’s “new normal”, the need for such an affordable and portable braille printer has never been greater. Join us to learn how the IRIE Braille Buddy could be a cost-effective option for you to bring more braille (and literacy) into the lives of the blind children around you.



Print Speed: Up to 25 CPS

Printing Mode: Single-sided

Tactile Resolution: 17 DPI

Tactile Graphic Dot Heights: Variable for color representation

Braille Dot Heights: Adjustable in 3 heights


Paper Width: 3 – 8.5 inches (77 – 216 mm)

Paper: Continuous, single-sheet feeder

Paper Weight: 30 – 108 lb (50-175 gsm)


Connection: USB (1.1, 2.0)

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10


Height: 6.25 in (159 mm)

Width: 14.13 in (359 mm)

Depth: 11.2 in (285 mm)

Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)


Recommended Temperature: 41 – 95 °F (5 – 35 °C)

Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (non-condensing)

Power Supply

100 – 120V, 220 – 240V

50/60 Hz (+/- 3%)

Standby: <4 W Stamping operation: <85 W

Extended Warranties

You can’t always anticipate a problem but it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing that it will be resolved quickly. We offer extended warranty service plans that offer immediate support in order to diagnose the problem and get it resolved quickly.

Authorized Warranty Repair Includes:

  • Unit refurbished to top working condition
  • Parts repaired and replaced as needed
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Alignment of emboss heads
  • Annual inspection and cleaning
  • You can be assured it will be returned in top working condition within 5 working days!

Factory Maintenance Service

Factory Maintenance Service includes the following:

  1. factory cleaning and inspection for defects,
  2. removal of paper dust from the machine,
  3. alignment,
  4. cleaning of all electronic components,
  5. testing of condition of moving parts, and
  6. upgrade to the latest released version of Index firmware for your machine

Customer will be advised if replacement of any parts is deemed necessary by an authorized technician.  Factory Maintenance Service will be completed within five (5) working days from receipt. For annual service maintenance, both inbound and outbound shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair includes the following:

  1. refurbishing the unit to top working condition, and
  2. repairing or replacing all necessary parts

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair will be completed within five (5) working days from receipt.