Looky 4/4+



  • 4.3 inch HD touchscreen video magnifier
  • 720p HD image resolution
  • Magnification of 2x to 20x
  • Far view function for viewing at a distance
  • Storage for up to 20 saved images (Looky 4+ only)
  • Connects to a TV for larger viewing (Looky 4+ only)
  • 2 photo modes and 10 high contrast modes
  • 3 control options to make it easy for beginners and powerful for advanced
  • Freeze function (frozen image can be zoomed and panned)
  • Use time of up to 2.5 hours
  • Foldable handle for use on desk or in hand
  • User rechargeable and replaceable battery

Touchscreen Video Magnifier with Folding Handle

The Looky 4+ handheld magnifiers feature a centrally-located camera to make it easy to find your position on the page. With an ergonomic, fold-out handle, Looky 4+ can be held like regular magnifying glass or can be folded into a reading stand and used on a table or desk.

Their familiar touchscreen interface also makes them extremely intuitive to use and the vibrant display creates provides beautiful image quality. In addition to all the features of the Looky 4+ also includes saving of 20 images and a TV connection giving your even more options!

Rehan Electronics takes great care to manufacture our products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. All products are produced and tested in our eco friendly facility based in Co-Wicklow, Ireland. Our facility is designed to be a low carbon construction with emphasis on natural materials, occupant health and energy efficiency.

Screen Size 4.3″
Screen Resolution 720p
Magnification Range 2x to 20x
Contrast Modes 10 High Contrast Modes, 2 photo modes
Brightness User adjustable
Dimensions 4.5 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches
Weight 0.48 lbs
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion 1500mAH, User replaceable
Standard Features Freeze & save images, Connect to a TV or monitor, Foldable handle & reading stand, 3 interface layout options, Enable & disable reading lines, Enable & disable color modes
Warranty 2-Years, Parts and Labor