Mag&Read 10″ Tablet by Synapptic

Android Tablet, enhanced for low vision

If tablets are too difficult to see or too confusing to use, the Mag&Read Tablet, by Synapptic, is designed for you.

  • Features a large 10.6″ display for easy viewing
  • Uses an 8 mega-pixel camera for clear magnification up to 20x
  • Simplifies the tablet interface to make it easy to do email, browse the web and more
  • Displays high-contrast, large text that is adjustable in contrast and size
  • Includes a powerful reader that quickly scans printed text and reads it back to you
  • Speaks the menus and selected text
  • Operates via touchscreen or voice commands

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A Simple and Easy-to-Use Tablet for Low Vision

The Mag&Read Tablet is designed to give users complete access to email, web-browsing, address book, calendar and the majority of tablet functions, presented in a large-text, high-contrast and speaking environment. The interface has been simplified for more efficient navigation making it the ideal tablet for seniors or those living with low vision. And for less than the price of a handheld video magnifier of equivalent size, the Mag&Read Tablet is a full functioning Android tablet that also gives you an HD video magnifier, a document reader and so much more, all in one device.

Operate the Mag&Read Tablet through easy-to-see, high-contrast, speaking menus (size and contrast color of your choice). The menus are simple to understand and use. If that’s still too confusing, you can even control the Mag&Read Tablet simply by talking to it and telling it what to do. Whatever you want to do on a smart tablet, the Mag&Read Tablet makes it easy and accessible.

The Mag&Read Tablet includes a powerful HD video magnifier and reader. It can magnify your reading materials as well as scan printed text and read it back to you aloud. There is also an accessible book reader and numerous other special features for people with visual impairment. You can even watch movies, listen to internet radio and enjoy other options for entertainment.

Add the workstation accessory package (shown below) to transform your Mag&Read Tablet into a portable desktop video magnifier so you can read larger documents, write checks, fill out forms, do crafts and more! A truly versatile solution!


Simple Navigation
  • Find your way around with clear menus and bright, bold icons.
  • The unique Touch & Release® touchscreen control means you can move your finger up and down each menu option and it will be read aloud until you stop on the option you want to use. It’s as simple as that!
  • All screens have a consistent look and feel making them easy to learn and simple to use – once you’ve learned how to use one screen, you’ll know everything you need to use every other screen.
  • Customize the Main Menu to display as a grid on one screen to make finding your way around Synapptic even easier
  • Never get lost and always find your way back to the Main Menu with the red cross. Each screen has a red cross in the top left corner, which speaks out the words ‘cancel and go back’ when touched. Use this on any screen to go back to the previous screen.
  • Change the magnification levels, color schemes, speech, voice speed and voice volume, beeps and other sounds, screen brightness, menu items, ringer and other volumes, menu operation, auto start, and lots more, to make navigation even easier for you.
Magnification & Speech
  • All products have in-built natural-sounding speech on every screen. Choose from the latest high quality male and female voices.
  • Change zoom levels to make the text you are reading or typing get bigger or smaller on every screen. Increase or decrease the zoom level to change the number of options on the screen.
  • Use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move to the next page of menu options, if there are more options than can fit on a single screen.
Email / Web Browser


  • Use the Synapptic Smartphone to send and receive emails from anywhere you have an internet connection!
  • Compose new messages, read messages, reply to messages, forward messages and delete messages.
  • Use your smartphone to effortlessly send and receive photos, documents, voice recordings and other attachments.
  • Select any message in your Inbox to read it, reply to it, delete it, save it or forward it
  • All emails you receive are displayed on screen in large-print and are also spoken aloud making reading them easy.
  • Sending an email with Synapptic is simple. With magnification and spoken feedback, the keyboard lets you find each letter before you type it. If you’ve never used a keyboard before, you can dictate your message instead.


  • It’s easy to browse the internet using the unique Tab & Jump® feature. This allows you to navigate a page easily, either between blocks of text, headings or links to other pages. Move around the page using magnification and touch, or by using the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen. As you move about the text on the page with the Next and Previous buttons, or touch an item on the page, a description for it is spoken aloud.
  • The Web Browser Menu has options for searching the web, typing a web address, going to a homepage, keeping a list of favorite web sites and allowing easy navigation back to recently visited sites.
HD Video Magnifier & Reader

The Mag&Read Tablet includes a powerful HD video magnifier and reader. It can magnify your reading materials as well as scan printed text and read it back to you aloud. There is also an accessible book reader and numerous other special features for people with visual impairment.

  • Use the camera on the tablet to magnify documents or object to see them more clearly. You can even adjust the high-contrast color settings to suit your needs.
  • Use OCR to scan printed text and have it ready back aloud. 
Voice Controls & Voice Recognition
  • Control the tablet with just your voice. Select menus, make calendar appointments, compose emails and lots more! All with just voice commands making it a truly hands-free device!
  • Type messages & notes faster by dictating them! Voice recognition is amazingly accurate and words are automatically spell-checked.
Entertainment Features
  • MUSIC: Listen to internet radio like Pandora or Spotify with ease! The large buttons on the screen make it easy to play and pause, rewind or skip forwards, move to the song.
  • BOOKS: Use the accessible book reader to access numbers tools  digital books or listen to audio books on your tablet. With large high-contrast buttons it’s easy to start/stop wherever you are and you can find your place again.
  • NEWS: Catch up with all the latest news and features you’ve missed, with access to a wide range of local and national internet radio stations.
  • TV & MOVIES: Watch steaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more!
Extra Tools & Features


  • Rotate the Mag&Read Tablet 90 degrees and the keyboard will rotate to fill the whole width of the screen giving you a portrait or landscape view.


  • Write notes, lists and other information using the keyboard or dictate using Voice Recognition.
  • Notes can be saved and reviewed later, or even emailed!


  • Recording a spoken voice memo is a quick and easy way to keep track of important information without having to write it down. Recordings are listed with the latest one at the top and have the recording date and time automatically included.
  • Each recording can be played back, emailed or deleted.


  • Use the built-in GPS feature to find your current location along with a list of restaurants, hotels, stores and churches etc. around you. The full address and street name is displayed and spoken aloud, along with names, addresses and telephone numbers of the places nearby.


  • Place any object a few inches in front of the tablet’s camera and this tool will tell you the color and show it on the screen. It will also provide a more detailed description (dark green, sky blue etc.).


  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide easily with the Synapptic large print, high-contrast and talking calculator.
Built-in Help & Support
  • Help is available throughout Synapptic. Just about every screen has a Help icon in the top right hand corner, which displays help documents and videos for that particular screen.
  • In addition to the Help on every screen, the Help option on the Main Menu allows all the Help documents and videos to be searched.
  • With the unique Lifeline® support feature built-in  you’re only 3 taps away from accessing our Remote Support service. Whatever screen you’re on, we can access your phone remotely (with your permission) and provide technical support wherever you are.
  • Lenovo M10 Plus Tablet with Synapptic Software pre-installed
  • Processor: MediaTek® Helio G80 (Octa-Core, 2x A75 @2.00 GHz + 6x A55 @1.80 GHz)
  • Operating System: Android™ 12
  • Memory: 3 GB LPDDR4X (Soldered)
  • Storage: 32 GB eMCP
  • Display: 10.6″ 2K (2000 x 1200) IPS, touchscreen, 400 nits
  • Camera: Front – 8 MP Fixed-focus / Rear – 8 MP Auto-focus
  • WLAN: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac & Bluetooth® 5.0

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