ReadEasy Move Low Vision Touch Feature Pack



This feature pack is for anyone who wishes to have more functionality from their ReadEasy Move 2. The Low Vision Touch feature pack offers:

  • Magnify captured documents
  • Real-time magnification of objects of documents
  • Enhanced color modes and reformatted text modes
  • Complete touch screen controls
  • Much more!

This feature pack is for users with some usable vision who wish to use the latest touch screen technology to access their documents.

The main reasons users wish to have this pack are as follows:

  • If you have some usable vision and would like the option to either read your document yourself, or listen to it, or do both at the same time.
  • Use a video magnifier system but are finding it difficult, tiring or frustrating to read at higher magnifications due to the constant movement of the text.
  • Want to be able to examine diagrams or read tabular information.
  • Want to be able to magnify documents at up to 40x in real-time. This is useful for examining items or reading hand written letters that cannot be recognized and read automatically.
  • Want to be able to choose exactly where to start the reading of your document, or easily move between different sections of your document.

The Low Vision Touch pack includes an easy to use, large button trackball, which makes selecting where you want to read from very straightforward. Simply position the large customizable cursor over the word you want to read from and click. ReadEasy Move 2 instantly starts reading to your from that word!

Why choose the ReadEasy Move 2 Low Vision Touch Feature Pack?

zoom in magnification icon

Magnification of your captured documents

ReadEasy features crystal clear magnification of your captured documents up to almost any size. As they are re-generated at every size, they remain perfectly clear even at extremely small or extremely large sizes. The font can also be altered to one that is easier for the user to read.

Virtual x y table icon

Real-time magnification of objects or documents

ReadEasy Move 2’s high resolution camera allows documents and objects to be magnified in real time at up to 40x magnification, like a video magnifier. This can be useful for looking at something quickly like a phone number or address or for examining and magnifying 3D objects in real time.

Image view icon

Image View

This shows the original image of the document that can then be altered and enhanced. Image mode is most commonly used when a user has hand written documents where ReadEasy is unable to recognize the handwriting so that it can be re-formatted. It’s also ideal for looking at purely photographic documents. Image view contains four modes:

Color icon

Color Mode

This is the original representation of the document where users can adjust the image saturation to enhance their document.

grey scale icon

Enhanced Grey Scale

This is the original representation of the document where users can adjust the image saturation to enhance their document.

black and white icon

Black and White

A variation on Enhanced Greyscale mode, Black and White can help to bring out the user’s document in their chosen two color combination even if the document contains colored backgrounds with similarly colored text on top of them.

overlay view icon

Overlay View

This unique mode allows you to retain your document layout and full color images whilst fully enhancing the text. It’s also a great view to choose exactly which word you would like ReadEasy to begin reading your document to you.

column view icon

Column View

This view automatically wraps text across the screen depending on the user’s chosen magnification level. The document can then be scrolled and read vertically. It is ideal for reading longer passages of text.

horizontal view icon

Horizontal View

This view stretches all of your document’s text into a single line, reducing potential confusion and interference that can be caused by multiple lines of text.

vertical view icon

Vertical View

This view centers a single word on each line which can then be scrolled vertically. For users with Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision) this can sometimes greatly increase their reading speed.

single word view icon

Word View

This displays one word of text on screen at a time, in the middle. This view can be ideal if very high magnification levels are required or for users learning the spelling of words.

touch screen controls image
pinch to zoom icon

Pinch to zoom

To decrease the magnification, simply use a pinching motion with two fingers. To increase it, just do the same in reverse.

tap to read icon

Press to start reading / toolbar access

To start reading from a particular word in your document, simply double press it. To use any control on the Easy Access Toolbar, simply press on it.

Drag to pan icon

Drag to pan

To move around your document, simply press one finger on the screen and drag it in the direction you wish to move your document.

Additional information

Live Magnification Range

Up to 40x (screen size dependent)

Captured Magnification Range

Effectively unlimited


Image, Overlay, Column, Horizontal, Vertical, Single Word

Enhanced Color Combinations

64 customizable combinations