ReadEasy Move 2 Keypad Feature Pack



This feature pack is for anyone who wishes to have a little more functionality from their ReadEasy Move 2. The Keypad feature pack offers:

  • Continuous reading for books and longer documents
  • Reading more than one language
  • Saving and retrieving documents
  • Finer navigation control
  • Editing pages
  • Much more!

The ReadEasy Move 2 Keypad Feature Pack includes a tactile, 22 button wired keypad which connects to the ReadEasy Move 2.

As standard, a keypad overlay is also provided which reduces the total number of accessible buttons to just 10, simplifying the learning process. This simply clips over the keypad so it can easily be removed or re-attached at any time.

Why choose the ReadEasy Move 2 Keypad Feature Pack?

Ideal if you wish to sit and read a chapter of a book uninterrupted, from start to finish. Simply press and release the append button to join pages on to your existing document. You can even quickly capture entire books to store for later reading.

If you wish to capture multiple pages of a document or book without having to press the append key for every page, just start multi-capture. ReadEasy Move 2 will then inform you that it’s capturing the first page, let you know when it’s photographed, tell you to you turn the page. As soon as you’ve held it still for two seconds, it will automatically take the picture, then tell you to turn the page again. This will repeat until you tell it to stop, at which point it will immediately start reading your first page aloud, whilst it processes the remaining pages in the background.

If you’re reading a novel, you can enable this feature which will automatically split the left and right pages of a book, helping you maintain the correct page numbers as you read.

An extremely useful feature for blind users, original page orientation lets you know exactly which way round the document was when you photographed it. This makes filing things away the correct way round much easier.

With ReadEasy Move 2’s integrated microphone you can either personally name each of your documents, or let it intelligently pick an automatic title from the first page of your document. To retrieve you documents, just navigate up and down them in a list and choose the one you want. ReadEasy Move 2 even remembers your reading position for you automatically, making it easy to resume from exactly where you stopped reading the last time.

ReadEasy Move 2 supports a wide range of export formats to USB memory stick. These include: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), MP3, Open Document Format (ODF) plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF).

ReadEasy Move 2 currently supports two formats to import from USB memory stick. These are: PDF and Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF). It is planned to increase the supported import formats in the near future.

Navigate directly and instantly by page, paragraph, sentence and word (with spelling) with dedicated buttons for all of these functions.

Place bookmarks in your documents to be able to navigate between them immediately (e.g. for chapter headings in books).

Made a mistake in your document? Simply remove the page, re-order it, rotate it, re-recognize it or delete it with a simple to use “Pages” button.

With the Keypad Feature Pack and if additional languages have been purchased, ReadEasy Move 2 offers intelligent automatic language switching. All languages are installed on ReadEasy Move 2 at time of purchase and can be activated at any time, simply by photographing a coded sheet. With multi-languages enabled, ReadEasy automatically switches the reading voice on a per sentence basis. This is an excellent feature for users who want to read in more than one language.

Additional information

Document Storage

Approximately 20,000 pages

Multi-pace capture speed

Up to 20 pages per minute

Export formats

PDF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, .doc, .docx, mp3, ODF, TXT, RTF

Import formats


If you want even more features, check out the Low Vision Touch Feature Pack. This feature pack provides all the functionality of the Keypad Function Pack plus many more great features.