SuperNova USB

  • Use SuperNova USB on any computer
  • Simple and easy plug-and play
  • Runs from USB, no installation required
  • All features available based on SuperNova edition
  • No administrator rights needed
  • Fully supports Windows 10 apps

Choose SuperNova USB for instant magnification on any computer or Windows tablet! Simply plug the SuperNova USB into any free USB port and experience instant access to your favorite SuperNova features, complete with your exact SuperNova settings. No hassle or set-up required!

Instant Magnification Icon

Instant Magnification

Crystal clear magnification, instantly available, on the move.

Instant Magnification Icon

Perfect for YOU, every time

Take your unique settings with you to every PC. Your perfect blend of magnification, colors and visual settings, every time. No setup, no adjustments, no hassle.

Any location icon

Home, School, and Work

Perfect for home & school, at work, or for assessors working with multiple clients & their PCs.

VIDEO: Quick Overview of the SuperNova USB

SuperNova USB – Unique in 2 ways:

Choose Guest Mode…

If you’re visiting clients, with friends or working away.

Instant Magnification Icon

Instant Magnification

Magnification, color schemes, visual highlights, large mouse pointers & more.

Speech and Braille icon

Speech & Braille

Choose the Magnifier & Speech or Magnifier & Screen Reader editions of SuperNova USB for audio and braille output too.

Hassle Free icon

Hassle Free

No installation, driver, activation or authorization required. No need for Administrator password.

Choose Full Access…

If you’re a regular visitor or staying longer, install the Dolphin driver for the fullest access to SuperNova:

Scan and Read icon

Scan & Read

Scan & Read paper documents & letters with SuperNova’s inbuilt OCR.
Touch Screen icon


Effortlessly adjust your magnification with only your fingers.

Admin Access icon

Administrator Access

Logon Screen support & Support for Windows security dialogs.

VIDEO: Explore Guest Mode & Full Access in More Detail

SuperNova USB – Better Than The Rest!

Unlike other ‘well known’ magnifier solutions that are available on a USB, SuperNova USB is no compromise. SuperNova USB is a full working licence that runs directly from the USB and doesn’t leave trial software on every PC you visit.

If you’re looking for portable magnification to travel with you, consider the following questions:

supernova usb in cafe

SuperNova USB

No administrator rights needed to run

No need to install components

Fully licensed software

Magnifies the Start Menu without installation

Works with Windows 10 apps

Other USB Magnifiers

Needs administrator rights to run

Needs to install components

Just a 30-day trial

No magnification on Start Menu without installation

No support for Windows 10 apps