Synapptic Lite Smartphone Software



  • Simplifies the phone interface to make it easy
  • Displays high-contrast, large text
  • Speaks the menus and selected text
  • Operates via touchscreen or voice commands
  • Works only for basic use: making calls, writing texts and calendar
  • Does not include magnifier, reader, emails, web browser
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet, Android 6.0 or higher

Synapptic Lite software makes your smartphone easy to use and accessible to people with vision impairments. If smartphones are too difficult to see or too confusing to use, Synapptic Lite is designed for you.

Synapptic Lite software takes over your smartphone to make everything operate through easy-to-see, high-contrast, speaking menus (size and contrast color of your choice). The menus are simple to understand and use. If that’s still too confusing, you can even control your smartphone simply by talking to it and telling it what to do.

Synapptic Lite is software you can easily download and install on any smartphone that runs Android 6.0 or higher.

Need to do more with your smartphone than just make calls, write texts, and use your calendar? There is a full-feature version of the Synapptic software that is only $399 and gives you complete access to all smartphone features and even includes a video magnifier and reading machine. Learn More.


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