Synapptic Lite Smartphone

If typical smartphones are too difficult to see or too confusing to use, Synapptic is designed for you.

  • Android smartphone
  • Displays high-contrast, large text
  • Simplifies the phone interface making it easy-to-use at all levels of vision
  • Speaks the menus and selected text
  • Operates via touchscreen or voice commands
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The Synapptic Lite is designed with a simplified user-interface making it easy-to-use, efficient to navigate and accessible to people with vision impairments. If typical smartphones are too difficult to see or too confusing to use, Synapptic is designed for you.

The Synapptic Lite Smartphone provides an easy-to-see, high-contrast display making it the ideal phone for seniors or people living with low vision. The speaking menus are simple to understand and with the voice-command feature you can control your smartphone simply by talking to it and telling it what to do.

The Synapptic Smartphone harnesses the same power of a typical smartphone but is designed with a simplified-interface for efficient navigation making it the ideal smartphone for seniors and people living with low vision.

Synapptic Lite only works for basic use: making calls, writing texts, using voice control and accessing the calendar app. It does not include magnifier, reader, email, web browsing or some of multi-media applications.


General Features


  • Find your way around with clear menus and bright, bold icons.
  • The unique Touch & Release® touchscreen control means you can move your finger up and down each menu option and it will be read aloud until you stop on the option you want to use. It’s as simple as that!
  • All screens have a consistent look and feel making them easy to learn and simple to use – once you’ve learned how to use one screen, you’ll know everything you need to use every other screen.


  • All products have in-built natural-sounding speech on every screen. Choose from the latest high quality male and female voices.
  • Change zoom levels to make the text you are reading or typing get bigger or smaller on every screen. Increase or decrease the zoom level to change the number of options on the screen.
  • Use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move to the next page of menu options, if there are more options than can fit on a single screen.


  • Customize the Main Menu to display as a grid on one screen to make finding your way around Synapptic even easier
  • Never get lost and always find your way back to the Main Menu with the red cross. Each screen has a red cross in the top left corner, which speaks out the words ‘cancel and go back’ when touched. Use this on any screen to go back to the previous screen.
  • Change the magnification levels, color schemes, speech, voice speed and voice volume, beeps and other sounds, screen brightness, menu items, ringer and other volumes, menu operation, auto start, and lots more, to make navigation even easier for you.


  • Control the Smartphone with just your voice. Select menus, dial numbers, write text messages, compose emails and lots more! All with just voice commands making it a truly hands-free device!
  • Type messages faster by dictating them! Voice Recognition is amazingly accurate and words are automatically spell-checked.
  • Dictate text messages, emails or any other text. Find the keyboard on the screen and use the microphone icon in the top right corner to enable Voice Recognition so you can dictate instead of typing.

Making & Receiving Calls


Press the numbers on the large high-contrast number pad directly, or explore the number pad with your finger, lifting your finger off the screen on each number required.
As the number builds up, it’s shown at the top of the screen. From here the number can be checked or spoken out before it’s dialed.


  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate each page of contacts in your Address Book. Select a particular contact to have their number dialed.
  • If there are several people in the address book, it can be filtered to show just a few names at a time.


  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate each page of contacts in your Address Book. Select a particular contact to have their number dialed.
  • If there are several people in the address book, it can be filtered to show just a few names at a time.

Sending & Receiving Texts


  • Even if you’ve never sent a text message before, sending one with Synapptic is simple! By using magnification and spoken feedback, the keyboard lets you find each letter before you type it. If you’ve never used a keyboard before, you can dictate your message instead.
  • When typing a message, touch the top half of the screen to have the typed text spoken back to you. Use the arrow keys either side of this text to move about the text and make any corrections.


  • A list of your received text messages are displayed on screen in large print and also spoken out. A separate menu gives options for replying to, or deleting a message.

Entertainment & News

Play music, books or other MP3 recordings

  • Playing a music MP3, a book or other MP3 recording couldn’t be easier. Large buttons on the screen make it easy to play and pause, rewind or skip forwards, move to the next or previous track or read out the name and duration of the current track.
  • As with all Synapptic screens, the MP3 player is intuitive to use, high contrast, large print and speaks everything out.

Using the Camera

Take Photo

  • Take photos with our fully speaking and large print camera! Using our step-by-step menus, zoom in or out, turn the flash on or off then touch the screen to take the photo.
  • Photos can be attached to an email quickly and easily, so you can share them with friends and family.

View Photo

  • View and magnify photos on the screen. Move between saved photos using the up and down arrow keys at the top and bottom of the screen. The date and time for each photo is spoken aloud.
  • Touch the screen to expand the photo to cover the full screen where it can be magnified further if needed.
  • Sending a photo by email is as simple as pressing a button!

Handheld Video Magnifiers


  • Control the magnifier using bright, bold icons on-screen. Or hide the control icons, to maximise your screen viewing experience.


  • A range of color contrasts available so you can choose the color combination that’s most comfortable for you


  • Magnify text and images whether you’re in live-mode or frozen-mode, with smooth and continuous magnification
  • Zoom in and out with pinch-and-zoom, pan around or rotate any image or text you’ve captured


  • Capture any text with the camera and Synapptic will convert the text to speech, with clarity and accuracy


  • Save hundreds of captured images, for viewing later
  • Name or rename images for easy storage and retrieval


    • Includes an in-built light, so you can still use the magnifier even in low light conditions.

Storage & Organization

One Address book for all contacts

  • Store all your phone numbers, email addresses, Skype addresses and mailing addresses in the Address Book: one place for all your contacts.
  • The Address Book can be searched and all details are both spoken aloud and displayed in large print on the screen.

calendar, reminders and alarm

  • Never forget or miss another appointment! Set calendar reminders or use the alarm clock to get up on time!

Organize MP3s into folders

  • Organize your MP3s into folders, which can be easily setup and named. Store your favorite music, books and newspapers in easy-to-find folders.

SD cards and memory sticks

  • Play music stored on your tablet or play it from an SD card or memory stick.

Toolbox & Extras

Two keyboards in one!

  • Rotate the Mag&Read Tablet 90 degrees and the keyboard will rotate to fill the whole width of the screen giving you a portrait or landscape view.

Note pad

  • Write notes, lists and other information using the keyboard or dictate using Voice Recognition.
  • Notes can be saved and recalled later, or even emailed!

Record and play Voice Memos

  • Recording a spoken voice memo is a quick and easy way to keep track of important information without having to write it down. Recordings are listed with the latest one at the top and have the recording date and time automatically included.
  • Each recording can be played back, emailed or deleted.

Find your current location (internet connection required)

  • Use the built-in GPS feature to find your current location along with a list of restaurants, hotels, stores and churches etc. around you. The full address and street name is displayed and spoken aloud, along with names, addresses and telephone numbers of the places nearby.

Color identifier

  • Place any object a few inches in front of the tablet’s camera and this tool will tell you the color and show it on the screen. It will also provide a more detailed description (dark green, sky blue etc.).


  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide easily with the Synapptic large print, high-contrast and talking calculator.

Phone and tablet information (Internet connection required)

  • This option gives a quick overview of useful information about the tablet and includes phone signal strength, Wi-i signal strength, battery level, missed calls, current ringer mode, ringer volume, date/time and software version.

Built-in Help & Support

Easy access to healp

  • Help is available throughout Synapptic. Just about every screen has a Help icon in the top right hand corner, which displays help documents and videos for that particular screen.
  • In addition to the Help on every screen, the Help option on the Main Menu allows all the Help documents and videos to be searched.
  • With the unique Lifeline® support feature built-in  you’re only 3 taps away from accessing our Remote Support service. Whatever screen you’re on, we can access your phone remotely (with your permission) and provide technical support wherever you are.

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