Tactile Graphics Package



Creating tactile graphics has never been easier, more fun or inclusive

  • Draw your own tactile graphics – multiple methods for universal inclusion
  • Import and simplify images – convert bitmap & scanned images into line drawings
  • Add braille text labels to tactile diagrams
  • Create braille/tactile graphs instantly – enter a formula and graph is created automatically
  • Make tactile street and campus maps
  • Emboss super high-resolution tactile printouts

This comprehensive software and hardware solution will save time and money in creating braille and tactile graphics for all subjects. Use one of the many methods within the TactileView software to create your graphics and send it to your IRIE or ViewPlus embosser for a super-high-resolution tactile printout.

Whether you are creating accessible classroom materials, transcribing braille books, need the ability to draw independently or have to make an accessible campus map, this solution provides all the tools you need at the most affordable price!

TactileView makes graphics easy!

With TactileView products, there is no need to spend hours on a single tactile graphic just to recreate it again for another person. TactileView products allow you to easily reproduce tactile graphics you have already created, or you can simply download one of hundreds carefully crafted graphics from our catalog!

Package Includes:
Embosser of your Choice
TactileView Design Software
Tactipad Drawing Tablet
Circle Frame Accessories
Grid Frame Accessories

Braille & Tactile Graphics

IRIE Braille Buddy


25 CPS | Single-Sided | Tractor-Fed

VP Embraille


25 CPS | Single-Sided | Tractor-Fed

VP Columbia 2


120 CPS | Double-Sided | Tractor-Fed

IRIE BrailleTrac 120


120 CPS | Tractor-Fed | Wireless

VP Delta 2


120 CPS | Double-Sided | Cut-Sheet

IRIE BrailleSheet 120


120 CPS | Cut-Sheet| Wireless

VP Max


60 CPS | Tractor-Fed | Tiger Graphics

VP Premier


100 CPS | Tractor-Fed | Tiger Graphics

VP Elite


200 CPS | Tractor-Fed | Tiger Graphics

Braille, Tactile Graphics & Ink

VP SpotDot


50 CPS | Single-Sided | Color Ink

VP Elite w/InkConnect


200CPS | Double-Sided | Black Ink

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