TactiPad Drawing Tablet


Draw your own raised graphics instantly with the Tactipad Drawing Tablet!

Place the drawing paper on the tablet and use a pen or pencil to create your own tactile images. As you begin to draw a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly! You can even draw with a digital pen and your drawings will be stored on your computer for later use and editing.

*Also, use it with the TactileView, tactile graphic design software, to create usable tactile graphics with ease. Buy them as a package: Tactile Graphic Design Suite

Great Tools for Subjects Like:


  • Charts & graphs
  • Measured drawings, using the included rulers, protractor and other drawing tools


  • Diagrams for anatomy, geology and other visual subjects
  • Audio tags make diagrams more interesting and informative

Mobility & Art

  • Tactile maps for mobility
  • Raised art & drawings
  • Audio/tactile graphics

TactileView makes graphics easy!

With TactileView products, there is no need to spend hours on a single tactile graphic just to recreate it again for another person. TactileView products allow you to easily reproduce tactile graphics you have already created, or you can simply download one of hundreds carefully crafted graphics from our catalog!

Additional Information

Tablet Size

14.5″ x 11″ x 0.5″


2.4 lbs


Drawing tools (ruler, compass, pins), Tactile Graphic Paper (50 sheets)