TactiPad Drawing Tablet


  • Get raised lines instantly as you draw
  • Use the included drawing tools to make accurate measured drawings
  • Carry it and all the tools with you with the included custom carrying case
  • Combine with the TactileView Design Suite and store drawings on your computer
  • Use to get audio/tactile feedback from the TactileView Design Suite

Draw your own raised graphics instantly with the Tactipad Drawing Tablet!

Place the drawing paper on the tablet and use a pen or pencil to create your own tactile images. As you begin to draw a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly! And numerous tools are included to enable precise measured drawing.

Combine Tactipad with the TactileView Design Suite to open a new world of possibilities for storing and editing digital images created by drawing on Tactipad. Even create and read audio/tactile graphics.

About TactileView

The TactiPad has many applications: it is the ideal drawing board for leisure activities, schoolwork or in your professional career. It can even be used on the go. You can choose whether you want to make a simple sketch by hand, or use the different drawing tools – ruler, triangle, protractor and compasses – for highly accurate drawings. Eight adjustable buttons and measurement indicators around the drawing surface allow you to accurately fix the tools while drawing.


Tablet Size

14.5" x 11" x 0.5"


2.4 lbs


Drawing tools (ruler, compass, pins), Tactile Graphic Paper (50 sheets)


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