VisuPlus One



Transform your iPad Pro into a video magnifier and reader!

  • Uses an iPad Pro for ultimate flexibility
  • Lightweight, foldable, ergonomic and extremely portable
  • 12.9-inch full HD touchscreen
  • Live HD magnification from 1-120x
  • Near and distance viewing and OCR functionality
  • Unique iPad stand allows you to read or write at a comfortable angle
  • Capture/save single or multiple pages
  • Scan text and have it read aloud to reduce eye fatigue
  • Includes iPad Pro, reading stand, cables and power adapter
  • *Optional distance camera $699

The VisuPlus One transforms your iPad Pro into a video magnifier and reader! Customize magnification levels up to 120x and choose between 8 different high-contrast modes to best suit your needs. And with the advanced OCR technology you can scan printed documents and have them read aloud to reduce eye strain and fatigue. The software even recognizes special formatting making it easy to scan textbooks, magazines, newspapers and more and select the area of the document you want read or magnified.

Connect the optional distance-view camera to magnify information that is across the room. Or use the OCR feature to capture whiteboards, presentations or lecture materials and have them read aloud or stored electronically for later use. This unique feature not only creates a more productive learning environment but also saves time by reducing the need to take additional notes.

VisuPlus One also boasts a unique ergonomic stand that is designed to provide ultimate reading comfort by allowing users to adjust the reading angle to their liking. You are no longer limited to reading parallel to the table but can instead position the iPad to read at a more comfortable angle. You can even use the VisuPlus as a writing aid to magnify printed forms, cards or checks to help you complete them.

And with a battery life up to 10 hours, you can use the device anytime, anywhere.