VP InkConnect


Transform your braille embosser into an braille and ink embosser with this simple accessory! The VP InkConnect attaches to the VP Elite or VP Premier braille embossers and allows you to create braille, high-resolution tactile graphics and ink all in one device!

Add ink to your braille documents

The VP InkConnect allows you to seamlessly add ink to your braille documents allowing sighted readers to follow along. Attach the InkConnect to the back of your VP Elite or VP Premier and transform your production braille embosser into a custom braille and ink embosser.  Simply create your documents in familiar Windows programs such as MS Word or Excel, select print and you automatically receive braille and ink and tactile graphics in one touch!



Operating System

Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit), Vista (32- and 64-bit), XP (32-bit)


Width: 22.3 inches (56.7 cm)
Height: 10.0 inches (25.4 cm)
Depth: 8.2 inches (20.9 cm)
Weight: 14 pounds (6.35 kg)

Printing Resolution

100 dots per inch

Print Mechanism

HP InkJet black and grayscale

Printing Speed

Up to 110 characters per second print & Braille

Paper Size

Any tractor-fed braille or office paper 4-12 inches wide

Paper Weight

Any weight from thin computer paper (starting at 75 g/m2) to thick card stock, photo paper or braille paper (up to 230 g/m2)


USB and Parallel connection through ViewPlus Premier or Elite

**Compatible with ViewPlus Premier or Elite embosser.

Extended Warranties

You can’t always anticipate a problem but it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing that it will be resolved quickly. We offer extended warranty service plans that offer immediate support in order to diagnose the problem and get it resolved quickly.

Authorized Warranty Repair Includes:

  • Unit refurbished to top working condition
  • Parts repaired and replaced as needed
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Alignment of emboss heads
  • Annual inspection and cleaning
  • You can be assured it will be returned in top working condition within 5 working days!

Factory Maintenance Service

Factory Maintenance Service includes the following:

  1. factory cleaning and inspection for defects,
  2. removal of paper dust from the machine,
  3. alignment,
  4. cleaning of all electronic components,
  5. testing of condition of moving parts, and
  6. upgrade to the latest released version of Index firmware for your machine

Customer will be advised if replacement of any parts is deemed necessary by an authorized technician.  Factory Maintenance Service will be completed within five (5) working days from receipt. For annual service maintenance, both inbound and outbound shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair includes the following:

  1. refurbishing the unit to top working condition, and
  2. repairing or replacing all necessary parts

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair will be completed within five (5) working days from receipt.