VP SpotDot



The world’s only braille and color ink embosser!

  • 50 characters/second – single-sided braille 
  • The highest resolution tactile graphics – 8 dot heights
  • Prints braille and ink on the same page
  • Formats Word and Excel documents for braille automatically
  • Creates raised visual images on paper from anything on the computer screen
  • Cut-sheet fed paper
    • Use braille paper, copy paper, card stock and Avery labels and business card templates
  • Uses the same paper and ink cartridges as an HP printer
  • Braille and tactile graphics software included
  • Standard 1 year parts/labor warranty

Braille production made flexible and easy
– Braille is translated and embossed from MS Word in one touch
– Graphics are produced from any PC software including Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW 

 Tactile graphics embossed in fine detail–better than any braille printer
– Tiger tactile graphics are the highest resolution of any embosser
– Dot height adjusts higher or lower for dark or light areas in images–8 levels

 Braille & graphics software included–Tiger Software Suite (TSS)
– TSS incorporates braille software, tactile graphics studio, and more
– Tigers are also compatible with Duxbury, TactileView and other braille and graphics software


Tiger Braille Dot

Preferred Shape

Tiger Technology, known for producing superior high resolution graphics, has now been re-designed for better braille readability. This new braille dot is smoother to the touch making frequent and extended braille reading more enjoyable while maintaining Tiger’s unmatched detail in producing tactile graphics.

Customizable Height

Tiger offers three different dot heights for braille, allowing users to customize their documents to better suit individual needs.  This means that users who have greater sensitivity can lower the braille dot height to a more comfortable level and braille readers with less sensitivity who often find conventional braille difficult to read can raise the dot height offering greater flexibility for all.

 Enhanced Durability

The Tiger braille dot employs a pyramid-like shape making it more durable than conventional braille while continuing to maintain perfect braille spacing. Tests prove that the unique shape keeps the dot from easily tearing and allows users to stack documents without compromising the height of the dot. This means that documents tend to maintain readability longer which is more desirable among users.

High-Resolution Tactile Graphics

The VP Max offers high-resolution tactile graphics. With 8 different distinctive dot heights users can transform images into readable tactile graphics. The dot height is automatically adjusted based on the visual color of the image. The darker the color the higher the dot and the lighter the color the lower the dot making it easy for users of all skill levels to make custom tactile graphics.

The eight different dot heights also allow you to add more details to images and diagrams. You can easily make a map more readable by filling the interior state or country with a low dot height or pattern while leaving lakes or bodies of water with no fill for enhanced readability.


Braille & Tactile Graphics Software Included

Tiger Software Suite is your complete solution for producing braille and tactile graphics. It makes it easy to get accurate braille translation in seconds. Insert text and graphics within familiar programs such as Word and Excel and translate with the touch of a button. It’s great for users of all skill levels!


Fast, Local Support

ViewPlus embossers are built to last with robust hardware that extends the life of the embosser and with a local US manufacturing you can be assured that if an issue does arise it will be resolved quickly – usually within one working day.  You never have to pay more for great, fast service!

Our friendly staff are always happy to hear from you so please give us a call if you have any questions or need assistance with setup and installation.

Additional information


Height: 7 in (178 mm)
Width: 24 in (610 mm)
Depth: 17 in (432 mm)


26.5 lbs (11 kg)


50 cps (single-sided)
3 braille dot-heights available


Color Print Resolution: 300 DPI
Color Print Quality: Best, normal, draft
Black Ink: Hewlett Packard Type 56 Black
Color Ink: Hewlett Packard Type 57 Tri-Color
Printing Width: Up to 8 in (203 mm)

Tatcile graphic resolution

20 DPI
8 dot heights for color representation

Braille cell

6 and 8 dots

Paper type

Cut-sheet fed paper

Paper weight

30 – 140 lb (50 – 230 gsm)

Paper width

up to 8 inches

User interface

Multilingual speech feedback


USB 1.1, 2.0


Recommended Temperature: 59 – 95 °F (15 – 35 °C)
Storage Temperature: -4 – 158 °F (-20 – 70 °C)
Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (non-condensing)

Power Supply

100 – 240 VAR (+/- 10%)
50/60 Hz (+/- 3%)
Standby: 12 W
Average Ink Printing: 26 W
Average Embossing: 64 W
Heavy Embossing: 110 W


1-Year, Parts and Labor