The simplest way to browse books you CAN read!

If print books are frustrating and mainstream reading devices are too complicated, GuideReader could work for you. GuideReader is the simplest way to browse and read the books you love.

GuideReader is:

  • Is designed for people with sight loss
  • Lets you browse and read 100,000s of books
  • Connects directly to your favorite accessible book and newspaper libraries
  • Features simple talking menus that provide step-by-step instructions
  • Enlarges icons and menus as big as you need them

GuideReader is Available in Two Formats:

GuideReader Pod ($465)

  • A small hardware device that comes pre-load with the software – just plug directly into your TV and start reading (includes remote control.

GuideReader Software ($280)

  • Download software and install on your Windows laptop or computer

Designed for Readers with Blindness or Partial Sight

GuideReader has been created specifically for people with visual impairments that have a love of reading:

  • Enlarge menus and icons to a size that suits you
  • Simple step-by-step talking instructions
  • Do everything in GuideReader with just 4 keys
  • 6 high-contrast colour schemes to choose from
  • Choose a menu voice from a range of human sounding options that are all easy on the ear
  • Adjust the audio speed and volume for total listening comfort
  • Tutorials, help and remote support that is designed by visually impaired people for visually impaired people!

Ideal for Total Beginners

  • Stop & start your audio book with just 1 button
  • Simple step-by-step choices read aloud at a speed that suits you
  • Spoken help that’s always relevant
  • Never get lost – press and hold the back button and you’re instantly back to the home screen
  • Search for a specific book with the simplest text entry

100,000s of Audio Books

  • Experience the widest range of audio books, human narrated and delivered with large, crystal clear text. From top ten best sellers to old classics, romance to tragedy, GuideReader has them all, free and ready to read. Simply sign up to your regional accessible library provider and get reading!Explore the full list of library providers and sign up for their free services, then browse titles in your local language by:
    • popular titles
    • genre
    • title
    • author

    If you receive newspapers or books from an accessible book provider on a memory (USB) stick, GuideReader will play those too – simply import them and they’re on your bookshelf. Or copy a book you find over to your favourite portable player, so you can read on the move.

Synchronised, highlighted & Super Smooth!

With GuideReader there’s no need to compromise on size or volume.  Make the text as large as you need, with no restrictions. Listen to audio or do both, each perfectly synchronised.  NB Some books are supplied as audio only or text audio.

Choose the Pod and Plug Directly into your TV

Choose to have GuideReader on a Pod and read books and newspapers using the largest screen in the house. GuideReader Pod:

  • Connects via a standard HDMI port
  • is small & discreet at only 10cm x 10cm x 2cm
  • has a tactile on/off switch
  • Includes a headphone socket and mini USB port
  • Is mains operated so no charging or batteries required

If you don’t have a TV or you don’t have any useful sight, add a speaker and no TV is required!

GuideReader Pod includes the Unique Dolphin ‘Remote’

If you choose GuideReader on a Pod, we include the unique Dolphin Remote.  The simple, tactile buttons give you instant access to all your favourite GuideReader book reading functions and feels instantly comfortable and familiar.

Keeping it Simple!

We believe that no one should be prevented from reading.  So if you have a visual impairment and most technology feels too complicated, GuideReader is the product for you.

Everything about GuideReader is simple and easy to use. Browse for a new book with just fours keys. Listen and follow the simple step-by-step instructions read by human sounding voices. The menus can be as large as your need them, in colours of your choosing; so everything is always crystal clear and in focus.

Unlike other mainstream technology, with GuideReader you’ll never get lost.  Jump straight back to the home screen with the press of a single button.

Independently browse and select from 1000s of FREE audio books

Dolphin has partnered with dozens of national and international library providers to bring audio books directly and effortlessly to GuideReader. Simply sign up to your local provider and then browse and download for free!

With GuideReader there’s no waiting for books to arrive on CD or USB Pen.  Independently browse, select and download your own titles.  Search for a favourite author, a recommended title or browse your preferred genre.

GuideReader also stores your books for future use; so overtime it becomes more bookshelf, than book reader!

Choose GuideReader Pod for Big Screen Reading with a Remote Control

Choose GuideReader Pod for your TV and browse books you can read, on the largest screen in the house!  Sit back in your favourite armchair, turn up the volume and read books and newspapers using only your Dolphin remote.  Add a wireless speaker and take your audio books anywhere in your home – perfect for bedtime reading or whilst doing the chores.

GuideReader Pod is smaller than a bag of sugar, so it won’t clutter up your home, yet it can store up to 50 books and hundreds of newspapers. Plus the simple remote control feels comfortable and familiar in moments.

Help when you need it

There’s no need to panic about getting to grips with GuideReader – it really is simple and there’s tons of help when you need it. Video tutorials are included and will guide you through the basics. And if you ever forget or need a reminder, help is always at hand.  Press the Help button and there’s tips – GuideReader even reads it to you


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Computer & Processor Intel Z8350
Memory (RAM) 2 gigabytes(GB) RAM
Hard disk Minimum of 32 gigabytes (GB)
Operating System The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Audio Sound card and speakers/headphones for audio output
Input Any standard pointing device (mouse/trackpad). Dolphin Remote also supported
  • Internet connection required for downloading books, newspapers and product updates
  • Bluetooth required for connecting a Dolphin Remote
Media Internet Download or pre-installed on GuideReader Pod only
Processor ATOM x5-Z8330 1.44GHz Quad Core
On-Device Storage 32GB; holds up to 50 audio books
Extendable storage 32Gb Micro SD (included)
Wi-Fi Connectivity Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots
Connectivity 1 x USB 2.0
1 x High Speed USB 3.0
1 x Micro USB
HDMI (output)
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Wireless 802.11n Network Adapter
Ethernet 802.3
Bluetooth BT4