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Free Phone Program for Individuals with Visual Impairment

Free phone programs are available for individuals with visual impairment in some states. See the list below to find a program near you!


Arkansas Telecommunications Access Program
(800) 981-4463 (V/TTY)
(501) 686-9693 (V/TTY)

The Arkansas Telecommunications Access Program will supply a free Samsung Galaxy J7 with Synapptic for those who qualify


California Telephone Access Program (CTAP)
(800) 806-1191 (V)
(800) 806-4474 (TTY)


Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT)
(800) 552-7724 (V/TTY)
(410) 767-6960 (V/TTY)
(443) 453-5970 (VP)


Missouri Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)
(816) 655-6700 (V)
(816) 655-6711 (TTY)


Oregon Public Utility Commission
Telecommunication Devices Access Program
(800) 848-4442
(971) 239-5845 (VP)
(800) 648-3458 (TTY)


Pennsylvania Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP)
(800) 204-7428 (V)
(866) 268-0579 (Toll free TTY)
(215) 204-5966 (V)

Rhode Island

Rhode Island – Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program
(401) 462-7857
(401) 222-1679 (TTY)


Texas Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP)
(800) 729-0083

The Texas Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program will supply a free Samsung Galaxy J7 with Synapptic Lite for those who qualify

Individuals with Combined Vision & Hearing Loss (Deaf/Blind Access Fund)

Available in all states: Individuals with combined vision and hearing loss may be eligible for a free phone through their state iCanConnect program.

See if you Qualify:

Find a local iCanConnect Office: