Funding Resources



STAR Has a reutilzation program as well as a financing program.


Assistive Technology of Alaska 

The Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA) connects Alaskans who have disabilities with the tools they need in order to learn, work, play, and participate in community life safely and independently.


Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology AZL 
Offers 2 wide range affordable loan options, low interest rates, consultation and assistance with loan processing.


Arkansas Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN) 
Facilitation of equipment access


AT Network

AT Network Assistive Technology Tools for Living – Welcome to the AT Network (

Offers a waiting list for their Affordable loan program.

Despite its monetary requirements, many consumers feel Medi-Cal offers the most likely opportunity for AT funding.


UC Denver AT Funding Site
Allows you to search for specific areas of Colorado to match funding sources


Connecticut Tech Act

Access Through Technology – Connecticut Tech Act Project ( 

Has a Low Interest Loan Program through ATLP to purchase devices as well as a donation and equipment exchange program


Delaware Medical Assistance Program 
If eligible participants can qualify for coverage of the purchase of AT or DME product

Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative 
Provides short term equipment loans, exchanges and resources for obtaining assistive technology.


Florida Alliance for Assistive Technology (FAAST) 
Have a device loan program and facilitates the NEW HORIZON low interest rate financing program for those that want to purchase AT products.

District of Columbia

Assistive Technology Program of DC 
Provides device demonstrations and loans.


Assistive Technology Center of Hawaii 
Product Demonstration, Exchanges, and Financing Programs available.


The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation, Inc. (The CFII)
CFII operates Credit-Able which provides low-interest loans through participating credit unions to enable Georgians with disabilities access to affordable financing for Assistive Technology and Home & Vehicle Modifications.


Illinois Assistive Technology Program 
Provides assistance for funding, grants as well as obtaining device loans.

The Chicago Lighthouse 
Provides multiple service for those in need of assistive devices.


Idaho Assistive Technology Project
Provides demonstrations, product loans and assists in alternative financing programs to purchase assistive technology.


Iowa Assistive Technology Program 
Provider short term equipment loans, device recycle and reuse as well as alternative financing for low rate, extended term loans for assistive technology purchases.


Indiana Assistive Technology Act (InData) 
Provides low interest extended term, AFP loan though a partnership between Easter Seals Crossroads and STAR Financial, for the purchase of Assistive Technology. Because of the partnership, most that need AT should qualify for the loan.


Kentucky Office For the Blind
Assesses needs and assists in acquiring equipment for short term loan or obtaining financing for assistive technology purchases.

KY Assistive Technology Loan Corporation
The Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC) offers low interest loans for qualified applicants with disabilities who need assistive technology.

Bluegrass Council of the Blind

The Bluegrass Council of the Blind (BCB) is the only nonprofit exclusively serving the needs of adults who are blind or visually impaired in Central Kentucky


Assistive Technology Progam of Kansas- University of Kansas 
Get Assessment of needs, equipment loan programs, as well as financial resource assistance to find private and public funding.

Kansas Assistive Technology Cooperative 
A Licensed Lender to assist those that need financial assistance to purchase assistive technology. They provide various programs including Matched Savings accounts for eligible families.


Alpha One Now 
Organization that specializes in independent living and is referenced on the State of Maine site as the GO TO site for assistive sources.

Mpower Loans 
Provides low rate loans for the purchase of assistive technology.


Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network LATAN 
Provides Product Loans, Funding Resources through the ACT Grant as well as additional resources for those with disabilities.


Mass Match 
Assists with finding Assistive Technology and funding, including the financial loan program.

Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program (Easter Seals Massachusetts) 
Is an alternative financing project that gives people with disabilities and elders access to low interest cash loans to purchase assistive devices and services.


Maryland Assistive Technology Program 
AT Buying Coop, AT Exchange program and an Alternative Financing Program is available for the purchase of assistive technology.


Minnesota STAR Program 
Provides residents of Minnesota to gain access and acquire the assistive technology they need by way of donation, exchange, loan or financial assistance.


Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund 
Provides low interest rates and loan guarantee program for the purchase of assistive technology.

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition 
Assists with acquiring a product loan, exchange or obtaining financing for an assistive technology purchase.


Missouri Assistive Technology 
Provides equipment donations, exchanges and financial assistance with affordable loans for the purchase of assistive technology. Also runs the KAT (Kids Assistive Technology) Fund, which is a last resort AT fund.


Mississippi Department of Rehab START Project 
Provides equipment loans, donations, training and assessments as well as funding option assistance.


Assistive Technology Partnership 
Aids in the acquisition of assistive technology through donation, loan or financial loans.

Easter Seals Nebraska 



Home – MonTECH (

Provides resources, demonstrations, exchanges, equipment loans and funding options for assistive technology purchases.



Assistive Technology for Independent Living Program 
Provide Assistive Technology needed for daily living, home and community access

CARE LOANS call (775) 829-2273
Offers low interest loans for the purchase of assistive technology.

New Hampshire

Services For the Blind and Visually Impaired 
Provides resources, assessments and devices for the blind and visually impaired.

New Jersey

Assistive Technology Advocacy Center 
Assists those needing assistive technology in finding the resources available to them in the State of new Jersey.

New Mexico

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program 
Provides a low rate affordable loan program to assist with the purchase of AT equipment and has a loan and donation program.

San Juan Center for Independence 
The fund is a last resort grant from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and as such stipulates that the consumer seek funding from three other sources and must provide documentation in order to access the funding.

New York

New York State Office Of Children and Family Services
Has an Equipment Loan Fund that allows you to borrow up to $4,000 through their low interest loan program.

North Carolina

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program 
Assists obtaining funding through the CARELINE program

North Dakota

North Dakota Interagency Program For Assistive Technology 
Provides equipment exchanges, demonstrations and assists with the funding process for the purchase of assistive technology.


Assistive Technology of Ohio 
Offers device lending options or loan interest loan programs to obtain assistive technology.


Oklahoma ABLE Tech Program 
Offers two financing options to assist in acquiring AT devices.


Northwest Access Fund
Provide low interest loans, matched savings accounts and low cost long term rentals for assistive technology.

Oregon Technology Access Program-CATO 
Is a long term lending program (CATO GRANT) for those requiring assistive technology. Intended for children in the State or Oregon ages 2-20.

Access Technologies, Inc- Oregons Statewide AT Program 
Device Exchange and Loan library as well as as other resources for the blind and visually impaired in the State or Oregon.


Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

Home | Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (

Provides financing opportunities to people with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians helping them to acquire the assistive technology devices and services through a partial grant and mini loan program.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department Of Human Services 
Assists with determining eligbility and obtaining assistive devices.

South Carolina

South Carolina Vocational Rehabiliation Department 
Provides low interest long term loans for the purchase of assistive technology.

South Dakota

Provides training, demonstrations, exchanges, short term product loans and assists with finanical loans for the purchase of assistive technology.


Tennessee Technology Access Program Funding Assistance 
Funding specialists through the State of Tennessee assist those in need of assistive devices to obtain funds or find sources for donations.


Texas Technology Access Progam 
Provides assessment, equipment donations and financial loan programs to aid in the purchase of assistive technology.


Utah Assistive Technology Foundation 
The Utah Assistive Technology Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that works with Zions Bank and the Utah MicroEnterprise Loan Fund to provide low-interest loans to purchase assistive technology and telework devices and to start or expand small businesses


The Opportunities Independence Fund 
The Independence Fund makes life changing equipment a reality by making affordable loans for the purchase of Assistive Technology such as hearing aids, dentures, recreational equipment, adapted vehicles and more. Loans can be for the full cost of the equipment or a portion of the cost.


Virginia Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority

Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority (

Provides flexible loans and affordable financial services to purchase assistive technology.


Northwest Access Fund
Provide low interest loans, matched savings accounts and low cost long term rentals for assistive technology.

Washington Council of the Blind 
Provides zero interest loans to individuals who have been members in good standing for 6 months or more.

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Education 
Currently Offering mini Grants for school or RESA staff.

West Virginia Assistive Technology System 
Provides trainings, assessments and equipment loans.


Wisconsin Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Loan (WisLoan) 
An Alternative Financing Program that provides low interest loans to aid in the purchase of assistive device.