I have recently become visually impaired.  As you are aware the process of finding the right technology to try and maintain a similar lifestyle is daunting with few companies and firms that have my best interest in mind vs. their own bottom line.

In my search, I came across the few magnification and speech software programs that I thought might work.  I started with Zoom Text and after a few days of poor customer service and unstable product I quickly continued my research and came across Super Nova.

From the first introduction call I felt that this was a different company and one that really got what customer service is supposed to be.  I had many questions and all were answered without me feeling rushed or put off.  I especially would like to recognize John Taylor for his extraordinary level of support.  John has the ideal personality to work people who are stressed and frustrated with their chronic or new disabilities.  John has a unique ability that very few people have…he can take relatively complex concepts and explain them in a way that the end user can understand and do with empathy and understanding.

At the end of the day, I have decided not to purchase the product at this time.  I actually feel bad not buying Super Nova since John spent so much time with me and thoroughly explained everything.  Should my need become more of a fit for Super Nova, John is the first person I will call.

Further, to show you that good customer service is NEVER a waste of time, as a result of John’s efforts, I have already spoken with my low vision doctor who usually recommends Zoom text and told her of my experiences and she was so happy to hear this that I believe she will be recommending your product.  She did bring up the lack of support for Zoom Text and was getting frustrated with them.  I also spoke with one of senior managers from my states commission for blind, who is an acquaintance, and told him about your support team.  He indicated that he will pass it along to their tech team who are always looking to make life easier for their clients.

Bottom line, John is the kind of employee that makes a difference and adds to the bottom line.