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How do I insert a TactileView picture into DBT?
In order to insert a design, move the caret to the position in the DBT text where you want to insert an image. Select Layout > Picture > Add.., then select the desired TactileView design (.bpx file) and click Open. The tactile image is now inserted in the DBT text file. The small yellow logo in the upper right corner of the image indicates that the graphic was created in TactileView.
How do I import an image file into TactileView?

To import a bitmap or SVG image file, select ‘Import’ from the drawing tools toolbar, then choose ‘Import SVG’ or ‘Import image from file’ from the context toolbar. A dialog will open in which you can browse and select the image file that you wish to use. Select ‘image files’ or ‘svg files’ as the type of file to limit the presented files to images suitable for importing. Once you have selected the correct image, click ‘Open’ to insert the image into your design. Next, click in the design to position the image.

In Windows File Explorer, select the image file that you wish to insert in your design. Right click on the file and select ‘Copy’, or use the shortcut Ctrl+C. In TactileView, position the mouse where you want to insert the file and press Ctrl+V to paste the image. Alternatively, you can also select ‘Paste’ from the Edit menu, the top horizontal toolbar or by opening the context menu by right clicking in the design and selecting ‘Paste’.

How do I print to an embosser with TactileView?

Once you have verified that the printer driver is installed on the computer, select ‘Print setup’ from the file menu. In the dialog that opens, select your embosser from the printer name list. Next, select the paper size you want to emboss on, and choose the print orientation. Click ‘OK’ to apply your settings to the document and close the dialog.
If you changed any of the options on the screen, this will affect how the active document will be printed.

Check how your document will print by selecting ‘Print preview’ from the File menu or the corresponding icon in the top horizontal icon bar. This will open a preview of how your document will print and represents the exact embossed and/or printed output.

How do I uninstall or transfer TactileView to another computer?

The software product code (SPC) allows the software to run on one computer. In case you need to have the software running in full version on another computer as well, an extra SPC is required.

You might want to transfer the software installation to a different computer, using the same SPC. By sending us an email at, we can delete the currently registered computer data, allowing the SPC to be reinstalled on another system. An e-mail confirmation is sent to the mail address that was entered in the registration form.

If you wish to uninstall the software from the current computer, open the Control Panel, click ‘Programs’, then select ‘Programs and Features’. Select TactileView from the list and click ‘Uninstall’.

How do I download TactileView?
The software can be launched in demonstration mode without registration. All features are available, however files cannot be saved and prints will contain watermarks. In order to run the software in full version, you need a software product code (SPC).

Click here to visit the download page in case you have not yet downloaded the software.

Please note that administrator rights are required to install the software on your computer.

What are the system requirements for TactileView?
System requirements Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10; for Mac OS X, a Windows emulator is required
Licence One-time purchase, unlimited use
Delivery Registration key via email
Supported embossers Index (V2, V3 and V4), ViewPlus (all models), Enabling (all models), Elotype, Gemini, Mountbatten Brailler
Available languages Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
File formats TactileView files (.bpx); import .txt, .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff or .gif
Internet requirements TactileView can be used offline, but specific functions (e.g. map maker, designs catalog) require internet access
Software security A registration key is valid for