I am writing to document and express appreciation for John Taylor’s superb technical support for issues with a Basic-D Version 3 braille embosser. I am blind and have used several brands of braille embossers in my work and at home. However, I had never used an Index embosser and had not  had any embosser at home for many years because I had access to embossers at my work. When I retired in September of 2016, I decided to purchase assistive technology that would allow me to pursue projects that I wanted to undertake in retirement. Because I planned to  purchase a series of high-ticket items (a braille display, a notetaker/PDA, an embosser, and braille translation software), I investigated both new and second-hand equipment. After researching Index embossers, I knew that Version 4 would meet my needs and that Version 3 would not. I purchased a second-hand  Index braille embosser which was presented as a Basic-D Version 4. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a Version 3.

I worked with John during two phone calls. He helped me determine that I had a Version 3, not a 4, and explored several ways to get my Windows 7 PC to see the embosser. After trying various approaches remotely, John suggested that the USB to parallel cable that was shipped to me with the embosser might be faulty. I am in process of getting a new cable. John advised me to call Technical Support again when my new cable arrives because some remote tweaking  may be required to get the PC and embosser to communicate.

I am impressed with the support I received from John and Irie-AT for several reasons. First, I had not purchased this unit from Irie-AT. Manufacturers/distributers typically do not support equipment that was purchased second-hand. Second, this Index embosser version is so far out-of-date that it is not being sold. It takes a lot more work and expertise to try to make old technology work with today’s PCs. Third, I am a total newbie with regard to Index embossers. I lack basic information about and familiarity with buttons, procedures, etc. I needed to be told every step and could not offer possible solutions based on prior knowledge. I couldn’t provide any help in the problem-solving process.

John Taylor was patient with my lack of knowledge, gave clear instructions, and went the extra mile to try to figure out how to get my PC and the embosser connected properly. It was clear from his presentation that he truly cared about my situation and that he truly wanted to get this embosser working for me. His kindness and concern about the needs of a customer, even one who did not purchase from Irie-AT, speaks volumes both about John and about your company.

I hope that a new USB-to-parallel cable will solve my problem, but I understand that we may or may not be able to get this embosser up and running and that I may ultimately have to send it to Irie-AT to find out if it can be made workable. But I know that I am working with a company that makes concern for the customer a very high priority – and I know this because of the tremendous technical support that John Taylor has provided me.

I send heart-felt appreciation to John and to your company. I know that you all will hang in with me and do what it takes to either get this embosser working or determine that it is not feasible to do so. I will definitely be in touch when I have a new cable.